Univ Monastery near Lviv

Univ Monastery near Lviv

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Univ Manastery is considered to be number one destination for spiritual (religious) travelers in Ukraine. This 14th century monastery ensemble welcomes hundreds of pilgrims from all over Europe each year.

Univ Monastery is located near the village of Univ, about 50 kilometers from Lviv (western Ukraine). Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky often visited Univ Lavra, and Ivan Vishensky, the famous philosopher monk, wrote one of his polemical works within its walls.
Univ Monastery survived through numerous wars, coups and sieges, however it remained standing strong giving a shelter to many refugees and those in need during these gruesome years.

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During the Second World War the dense forests near the monastery witnessed one of the greatest battles between the UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army) and Bolshevik troops. The Soviet authorities closed the monastery and turned it into a shelter for the elderly, and later into a psychiatric hospital. However, even during Soviet occupation, Univ Lavra remained a center of spiritual refuge for the faithful.
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The old name of Univ Lavra was restored in 2003. Monks returned to Univ Lavra in 1991. Today, it is one of the most important pilgrimage centers in Ukraine. Set on a picturesque land, this place breathes of tranquility and peace.

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If you are looking for a spiritual retreat or simply for a beautiful and peaceful place to spend your weekend gateway, Univ Manastery near Lviv is a perfect destination to opt for.

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