Where to Go in September: Amazing Destinations in Ukraine

Where to Go in September: Amazing Destinations in Ukraine

September is one of the best periods for travelling throughout Ukraine. The weather is still warm, but not too hot anymore; clear blue sky and millions of golden leaves make any beautiful location even more lovely. It is the right time to take a backpack, a photo camera and to go on a trip to some of the most amazing destinations in Ukraine.

Sharovsky castle
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Sharovsky castle is a beautiful neo-gothic building made of white stone, located in Sharovka village in Kharkiv region. The castle was constructed in the end of XIX century. At that times, Sharovka village and surrounded lands were owned by Olkhovsky family. The landlords built Sharovsky castle, which served as their residence. Sharovsky castle looks like a part of a beautiful fairy-tale. It is a two-storey white building with fancy ledges, elegant lancet windows and balconies. The castle is decorated with two eight-faced towers, topped with steeples and spires. Visitors can walk along terraces, leading from the castle to Sharovsky park. The park is notable for its picturesque ponds and diversified flora: here you will find old oaks, blue spruces, ashwood and other. One of the oaks is 600-year old.
Address: Sharovka village, Kharkiv region
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Trostyanets park
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Trostyanets village in Chernigiv region is known for one of the largest dendrologic parks in Europe, which embraces 204 hectares. The park was created by Ivan Skoropadsky, a descendant of Ukrainian hetman Pavlo Skoropadky. In 1820, Ivan inherited Trostyanets village and decided to create the most beautiful park of Ukraine there. Flat landscapes were turned into a picturesque place with 30-meter high artificial mountains and man-made ponds. On the territory of park, visitors can see many trees of local species such as pine, oak and birch as well as exotic trees – hemlock, Siberian pine, cedar and other. Besides, here you can meet diverse interesting animals and waterbirds: roe deer, martens, foxes and otters, ducks and swans. There are also some beautiful sculptures, for example, a sculpture of angel.
Address: 1, Lenina street, Trostyanets village, Chernigiv region
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Arched bridge in Vorokhta
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Large railroad masonry bridge over Prut River in Carpathian town Vorokhta was constructed in 1895, in the times of Austrian-Hungarian Empire. This viaduct is located on the bend of railway road in the point where riverbed is very wide, which explains the impressive length of the bridge – 130 meters. The length of the largest bridge span is 65 meters. It is one of the two huge span bridges in Vorokhta; this bridge is considered to be one of the longest railroad bridges in the whole Europe. Nowadays, the bridge is closed, and the new bridge is functioning nearby.
Address: Vysochana street, Vorokhta town, Ivano-Frankivsk region
Zolochevsky castle
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Zolochevsky castle is a unique historical monument and an example of defense architecture of XVII century, located only 66 kilometers from Lviv. The castle was built in 1634 by Yakub Sobesky, the father of Polish king Yan Sobesky. It is a two-storey rectangular building created in Renaissance style. Zolochevsky castle is surrounded by high and wide earth walls with bastilles, which helped to observe territory around castle and use guns if needed. In the yard of Zolochevsky castle, visitors can find a beautiful miniature building called Chinese castle, which was built for Yan Sobesky`s wife. If you go Inside Chinese castle, you can enjoy exposition of Eastern culture museum.
Address: 4, Ternopilska street, Zolochiv town, Lviv region
Mihiya village
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Old Cossack village Mihiya is located on the bank of Yuzhny Bug River in Mykolaiv region. Due to its unique landscapes and nature, it is often called “Small Switzerland”. This village is famous for being a perfect location for doing extreme water sports such as rafting and kayaking. Picturesque canyon of Yuzhny Bug in this area has 12 rapids, which are very popular among rafting fans. The most famous rapid is called Red Gate. Besides opportunities for extreme water sports, Mihiya also offers other attractions such as turquoise radon lake, good places for rock climbing, horse riding and fishing. Travelers can also visit “Buksky Grad” national park with marvelous canyons, rocks and river islands.
Address: Pervomaysk region, Mykolaiv region
Don’t miss a chance to feel exciting emotions visiting the best destinations of Ukraine in September.
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