Zakarpattya Region Less-Known Attractions

Zakarpattya Region Less-Known Attractions

Zakarpttya Region, the south-western region of Ukraine is the home to Ukraine's most spectacular mountain vistas, medieval castles and best red wines. The wine traditions of the region have almost 1000-years history. Here you can still find wine cellars dating back to the times of Austo-Hungarian Empire and a Big Siege of Turks. Plan a visit to a local winery and spend an interesting and romantic day discovering numerous secrets of local wine making craft while enjoying picturesque vistas of Ukrainian mountains.

Cotnar winery is a historical place where Carpathian wines have been crafted for centuries; a picturesque region of healing mineral waters, where extinct volcanoes and medieval castles guard the eastern corner of the Hungarian plains. The local climate is perfect for vineyards, even on the southern slopes, because of the refreshing cool winds of the Carpathians.Here you can also have an authentic fine dinner and stock up for fine artisan foods and wines at the in-house shop. Address: Muzheyeve village, Beregovo District, Zakarpatsky region For tour reservation: +380504204555
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Uzhanian National Nature Park is a protected area in Ukraine. It is located in Velykyi Bereznyi Raion of Zakarpattia Oblast, at the border with Poland and Slovakia. The park was created on 27 September 1999 and has the area of 39,159.3 hectares. Since 2007, it is part of the World Heritage site Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians and the Ancient Beech Forests of Germany. It is also part of the East Carpathian Biosphere Reserve. The park was created to protect pristine beech forest of the Carpathians.

This is an ultimate destination for trailing and hiking. Uzhanian Nature Park awes its visitors with breathtaking views of the mountains, waterfalls and rivers. Uzhanian National Nature Park contains four altitude zones, including beech forest, alder forest, and, above 1,100 metres (3,600 ft), alpine meadows. The area is populated by Lemkos ethnical group and has a strong influence of their culture. Among most popular sightseeing destinations are six authentic Lemko wooden churches scattered around the national park, which were built in 17th-18th centuries and survived till our days.
There are 17 signposted trails within the park.

Seredne Vodyane Although often overlooked, small towns provide the greatest insights into local culture and enable travelers to engage with locals in uncommon ways. Ukraine was built upon small towns and villages. Adventurous and open-minded travelers can get a taste of what it’s like to live somewhere completely different or perhaps even startlingly similar to what they’re used to.

While traveling around Zakarpattya region visit Mukachevo (also known as Mukacheve) town. This is a city located in the valley of the Latorica River in Zakarpattia Oblast in western Ukraine. This is an ancient town with very interesting and intriguing history. Medieval castle walls, Gothic basilicas, Baroque Catholic churches, ancient estates and paved narrow streets - all of these historical attractions and unique beauty and atmosphere of hidden urban gem of Mukachevo attract numerous visitors to walk into a true European fairy tale.

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Another charming little town of this region is Khust. Khust is the third in population town of Transcarpathian region, situated at the foot of the mountains at the confluence of river Rika to Tysa. The district has two medieval castles: Khust (11-18 century) and Vyshkiv (13-14 century), as well as Vilshanske reservoir and Lypovetske volcanic lake, located in the crater of the old volcano. Locals tell about it many mysterious stories. Near the town itself Valley of daffodils is located – the only place in Ukraine, where natural thickets of narrow-leaved daffodil are preserved. Khust is a beautiful little hidden gem that you don’t regularly hear about, but definitely should visit.

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Town of Vynogradiv is located on the right bank of Tysa at the foot of Black mountain, slopes of which are covered with vineyards. Vynogradiv is one of the oldest settlements of Zakarpattya. Slav settlement existed here already at the end of first millennium A.D. Building of the former Palace of Pereni (14 century), Franciscan church (14-15 century) and ruins of castle (10-14 century) deserve attention from architectural monuments.


Town of salt miners Solotvyno is located on the right bank of river Tysa, between mountain ranges of Sklavan and Magura, near Ukrainian-Romanian border. Miraculous salt lakes, which each year welcome thousands of vacationers, are situated here. Solotvyno brine treats a whole bunch of diseases: radiculitis, pleurisy, arthritis, psoriasis.    
Speleotherapy is one of non-pharmacological methods of rehabilitation and treatment of diseases of respiratory organs, basic foundation of which is the use of microclimate of underground facilities (salt mines and karst caves). The largest lake in Solotvyno is Kunigunda lake. There is a museum of history of salt mining in the town totally worth visiting.


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After the busy days of sightseeing, hiking and wine tasting in Zakarpattya Region, take a chance to soak your body and free your mind at one of the best thermal resorts in Ukraine also located in Zakarpattya: Kosino Thermal Complex and Spa, Thermal Swimming Pool Zhayvoronok (Skylark) or Zakarpattya Recreational Complex in Berehove.
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