On Thursday 21st June The Ukrainian Connoisseurs Club visited the relatively new Ukrainian cuisine restaurant called Sho with nearly 30 of its members and journalists. However, this was going to be a double event because not only was TUCC there to 'test' the restaurant but also to celebrate the birthday of TUCC's Sommelier Natalie.

Ukrainian cuisine is well-known for its diverse, nutritious and tasty dishes. Usually, when talking about Ukrainian culinary wonders, we instantly mention meat dishes such as delicious borsch and fragrant salo with garlic. However, gastronomic traditions of Ukraine also embrace many attractive options for those who prefer vegetarian food. Appetizing desserts with berries, vegetable soups, potato pancakes with sour cream… Surprisingly, Ukrainian cuisine turns out to be a gift for any vegetarian! Let`s find out which Ukrainian meatless dishes are definitely worth trying.

Mechnykova Street that lies near the Klovska metro station popped up in the news quite a few times this April: from the newly-opened coffee shop Blur Coffee to the new Ukrainian restaurant SHO, now located in the premises of the former Poliana wine shop. According to the owners, SHO is “the biggest restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine in the country”. Let’s see what it has in store.

Odesa, a beautiful seacoast city in the South of Ukraine, is famous for its special charisma and charm. Humorous people, cozy yards, fluffy cats, fresh smell of the Black Sea and authentic cuisine mostly based on seafood – this is just a small part of the components creating unique Odesa spirit. If you dream to feel the true character of Odesa, the best choice is, of course, to go there. However, you always have a chance to catch Odesa vibes even in Kyiv while paying a visit to some of Odesa-inspired dining spots in the capital.

New street food joint has recently opened near Golden Gate subway station in the heart of Kyiv. «Zamis» offers wide variety of «pelmeni» and «varenyky» with various fillings and sauces, all freshly made, boiled and served.

Christmas is one of the most beloved and popular holidays in Ukraine. The traditions of celebrating Christmas in Ukraine reach back hundreds of years and boast unique authenticity and interesting rituals.

Kyiv perepichka is pieces of fried dough enclosing a mouthwatering sausage. The kiosk (3, Bohdana Khmelnytskoho street) selling this iconic Kyiv fast-food became a local institution long before the first 'hot dog' hit the town. Perepichka is an essential Kyiv experience.

Recently opened at Podil, Noyabr Restaurant («November» in Ukrainian) is a brain-child of a popular Ukrainian showman Iliya Noyabrov. Mr. Noyabrov has recently published a book «Kyiv Cuisine», which turned out to be an instant success; so the author decided to turn theory into reality in his new restaurant.

Gra z Vognem (Game with Fire) is a restaurant of new Ukrainian cuisine from high-quality local products. The restaurant confirms: modern Ukrainian cuisine has deep traditions and is incredibly delicious; it is an ideal combination of the best local products, endless imagination and gastronomic experiments.

TUCC guests visited Kureni restaurant to taste and appreciate the traditional Ukrainian cuisine in modern interpretation supplemented by delicious beverages.

Aeneas pop-up café is a project of Eneïda exhibition curators and Dmytro Borysov’s gastrofamily recently opened in the National Art Museum of Ukraine. The basis of its concept has two stages of senses.

Any trip to Lviv would be incomplete without attending this iconic Restaurant-Kneipp. "Kryivka" (it means «the bunker» in Ukrainian) is the most visited restaurant in Europe (at least according to the information provided on the official web page) with over 1 000 000 visitors per year.  This place is dedicated and themed around Ukrainian Rebel Army (UPA) who fought for the Ukrainian independence (with both Nazi Germany and Red Army) during WW2.

There is one feature that differs all restaurants of Dmytro Borysov’s Gastrofamily from the others – great cuisine in a very friendly atmosphere. It means that no matter what restaurant you choose you will be definitely satisfied with your meal and high service as well as you will appreciate comfort and design of the place. The new Kanapka Bar became one more pearl of these network of restaurants.

Since the day Baczewski Restaurant had opened the doors to welcome its first guests, it became one of the most popular dining destinations in Lviv. Many foodies book tables weeks in advance to discover authentic Galician region cuisine as well as to enjoy a meal in one of the mist atmospheric interiors in town.

Dima Borisov restaurant family is celebrating the opening of the new venue. Chicken Kyiv, Mono-product restaurant, is located on Khreshchatyk street in the heart of Ukraine’s capital and it offers an interesting take on the iconic chicken dish well known and beloved all over the world.

Chicken Kyiv is one of the traditional Kyiv meals, usually made of tender chicken fillet with a piece of butter inside. This tasty dish is loved by locals as well as by foreigners. According to the legend, in the end of XIX century employees of “Kyiv” restaurant decided to leave a bone in fowl cutlet (cotelette de volaille) and to wrap this bone into a curlpaper, so that it would be easy to eat the meal with fingers. That is how famous Chicken Kyiv was born. Let us consider the best recipes of this delicious Kyiv dish.

Syrnik is one of the best-known Slavic desserts. Usually it is a fried cake made of curd and flour with delicious additives such as apples, nuts, berries or dried apricots, served with sour cream or jam. Its traditional Ukrainian variant, Lviv Syrnik, is undoubtedly one of the must try dishes of Ukrainian cuisine. Let us consider cafes and restaurants, which offer the best Lviv Syrnik in Kyiv.

Travelers who have visited Kyiv are surely familiar with the main confectionary pride of the Ukrainian capital. This is exceptionally delicious Kyiv cake, cooked by unique recipe. In Soviet times, a box with a Kyiv cake inside was one of the most desirable souvenirs from Kyiv. Destinations tells about the interesting history of this culinary masterpiece.

Local Ukrainian meat specialties are now available in VATRA restaurant that became part of Dmytro Borysov’s gastrofamily. The Hutsul steak house has recently opened in the very downtown of Kyiv.

Sofiyska square in Kyiv is one of the best places, where you can keep in touch with Eurovision 2017 song contest and to find the ways to entertain yourself until 15th of May. Every day there are live concerts on the stage of the fan-zone and high level food court.

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