Kanapka Bar in the Touristic Part of Kyiv

Kanapka Bar in the Touristic Part of Kyiv
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There is one feature that differs all restaurants of Dmytro Borysov’s Gastrofamily from the others – great cuisine in a very friendly atmosphere. It means that no matter what restaurant you choose you will be definitely satisfied with your meal and high service as well as you will appreciate comfort and design of the place. The new Kanapka Bar became one more pearl of these network of restaurants.

Located in the very mystic and historic part of the city at 30A Andriyivsky Descent, just across the street from famous Kanapa restaurant, this place is the best choice for tet-a-tet meeting, family breakfast or business lunch. The bar was opened in the building constructed in 1905. The design keeps the atmosphere of pre-revolutionary Ukraine with its nice salons, haute couture cuisine and slow rhythm of life.
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Stucco moldings on the walls, as well as original brick wall bring you to the 19th century as well as bright green cozy sofas located all around the hall, and two-colored mirrors on the walls. Chandelier is the real décor flavor of this place. If you want to enjoy fresh air it is possible to sit on the small homy terrace in the shadow.
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Kanapka bar gastronomy is dedicated to local products and the best old Ukrainian cuisine traditions mixed with modern molecular approach. Kanapka is the main menu position. These are different types of snacks for 1-2 bites with very original tastes. Kanakas are really good with private label Dima Borisov’s wines. You can use a special offer from 3 to 6 p.m. while ordering any bottle of wine you can get all types of kanapkas for free with no limit.
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IMG 2768There is a big choice of appetizers and snacks made of meat, fish and vegetables. For the main course you can choose fried brill with smoked oyster, chicken cutlet, lamb neck baked with eggplant puree, rump beef marinated in spicy tomatoes and some other meals. There is a big choice of Ukrainian high quality cheeses and deserts which are good with really unique fruit liqueurs. The menu is in the process of updating. Soon everyone will be able to enjoy tasty breakfasts in Kanapka bar.
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For those who want to feel mystic spirit of this place just ask the restaurant manager Galina to predict the future with one of the books on the shelves. You have to think about your main issue and tell her the number of book in a row and number of page. She will read you the small part of text which can be the answer to your question. And if you are really lucky you can meet famous barista Slava Babich in Kanapka bar and to taste his unforgettable cuporange. It worked for me, so use the chance and visit this really special place at 30A Andriyivsky Descent.

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