KOLO is a vegan restaurant located in the heart of historical Podil district, offering its guests healthy and delicious food of so-called plant-basеd cuisine. The restaurant is a perfect choice for vegans and vegetarians as well as for those who want to expand their gastronomic horizons. Calm atmosphere of Podil, cozy hall and unique dishes – KOLO restaurant has all ingredients for an excellent dinner or breakfast.

Nowadays, healthy lifestyle has already become a popular trend, so more and more people are getting interested in unusual vegetarian, vegan and raw food diets. Whether you are an experienced raw food gourmand and a yoga enthusiast, or have never tried anything different from ordinary menu and wish to discover new healthy and delicious cuisine, you are welcome to visit dining places in Kyiv that keep to raw food concept. Let`s get to know where to find raw food restaurants in Kyiv.

Skvorechnik (“Bird House”) cafe and mini-hotel in Kyiv is a unique location situated right on the bank of Dnipro River on well-known Trukhaniv Island. This is not a common restaurant with tables and chairs – Skvorechnik consists of a few cozy wooden houses fixed on green trees! Here visitors can enjoy a really unusual experience of having tasty and healthy dinner or lunch while almost literally sitting on a spreading tree. In Skvorechnik houses, guests sit on soft pillows and breath fresh air, observing beautiful Dnipro views at a height.

Kyiv’s popular CLOSER party space has announced that from now on, guests are welcome not only to party at the club but also to fuel with healthy and cruelty free dishes at the brand new vegan cafe located on its territory. Savage Food Cafe is currently working in a test mode offering appetizers, entrées, and desserts.

While the Western world takes veganism very seriously and every city has an exciting array of animal-free foods on offers, Kyiv still has a long way to go. However there are some amazing vegetarian and vegan options in the capital of Ukraine to attend and the trend is surely growing. We share with you a list of popular «green» restaurants and cafes in Kyiv.

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For the conscientious diners and consumers among us finding a decent vegan restaurant in Lviv can become quite challenging experience. While the Western world takes veganism very seriously and every city has an exciting array of animal-free foods on offers, Lviv still has a long way to go.


In case you are vegan or just a falafel fan, «Destinations» got a good news for you. Now you can check out for places to buy this popular vegan dish in Kyiv on an interactive map.

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While those who stick to vegetarian diet may feel safe while eating out as almost each restaurant in Kiev offers vegetarian menu. However, vegans will have to struggle more to find suitable options for their diet. Check out the list of nice places in Kiev that have a wide range of vegan options and will satisfy ‘green’ needs.

Green restaurant boasts a unique combination of healthy, fresh, organic dishes in a family friendly atmosphere. It is the first vegetarian restaurant in Lviv, which offers a complete range of vegan and gluten-free choices, made fresh seven days a week.

When it comes to vegan-only restaurants, Lviv has not so much to offer. Dreamers Place cafe opened its doors to eager visitors last week. This is a second all-vegan restaurant in Lviv.

Photo: Skvoreshnik Official Facebook page
Skvoreshnik (Birdhouse) Café is small wonderland in Kiev. It may sound a bit corny, but the dreams come true here!

Photo: One Planet Official Facebook page
One Planet vegan restaurant has recently opened in fashionable and atmospheric Vozdvizhenka neighborhood. This place in Kiev will please all the vegans and vegetarians as well as satisfy curiosity and break some stereotypes of those who do not stick to plant-based diet.

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