Dreamers Place vegan cafe in Lviv

Dreamers Place vegan cafe in Lviv

When it comes to vegan-only restaurants, Lviv has not so much to offer. Dreamers Place cafe opened its doors to eager visitors last week. This is a second all-vegan restaurant in Lviv.

All dishes in Dreamers Place are prepared by experienced chefs using fresh natural ingredients, and techniques which preserve taste and nutritional value. This level of personal attention means that guests, who have a special request or particular dietary requirements, can order something just for themselves. Dreamer’s food is low-fat, low-salt, non-GM and organic where possible. The cookers never deep-fry or microwave the dishes here.

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Photo: Dreamers Place Facebook
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The healthy and sustainable meals include bright smoothies, green salads, rich sauces, juicy sandwiches and many other delicious dishes. Dreamers Place is centrally located near Franko National University in Lviv downtown. It is a perfect place to meet your friends for a chat or simply to take a break during a busy day and enjoy a nutritious and healthy meal.

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Photo: Dreamers Place Facebook
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Not many restaurants in Lviv offer vegetarian options. Often vegetarians and vegans are not very lucky with grabbing a quick lunch or having a fine dinner that would meet their dietary standards. Fortunately, there’s a new place in the city where vegetarians and vegans can feel at ease. No matter what you order, you won’t have to scrutinize a list of ingredients first.
Address: 8, Sichovyh Striltsiv street, Lviv.

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