Year 2018 is packed with fun runs, marathons and other great active events. In case you are an avid runner or just planning to try marathon running for the first time, «Destinations» rounds up a list of major marathons and sport events that will be taking place all over Ukraine in 2018.

Sometimes, no matter the reason, it is simply necessary to unwind and take some time for yourself. While lying on the couch and eating take-out may sound as the best way to relax, it may not be what our body needs. Part of the reason massages and spa treatments are so popular is that they are not only pleasant, but also have a positive long-term effect on health. Destinations picked the best spa hotels in Ukraine for an antistress journey.

While getting a new beautiful haircut, it is essential to explain to hairdresser what exactly you want in order to avoid confusing situations. How to get a new exciting look if you stay in Kiev and do not speak any Ukrainian or Russian? Don`t worry: English-speaking hairdressers in Kiev are always ready to help.

Going in for sports is one of the best ways to ensure longevity and strong health. Depending on the sport you choose, It might often require buying various equipment, which can be quite costly. To make your hobby reasonably priced, we have picked top-5 shops with affordable sporting goods in Kyiv.

While spring is slowly but surely creeping around the corner, we might as well enjoy the last appearance of snow — and not by scrolling hundreds of Instagram pictures, but in an active way. A weekend spent on various ski and tubing bases near Lviv is just a perfect option to do that. Let's check out the best spots for active leisure not far from the heart of West Ukraine.

When winter finally comes around the corner, it is easy to get stuck in your apartment and find solace in comfort food and binging TV-shows on Netflix. However, it may not be always the best option for physical and mental health. Human bodies need activity and exposure to sun – especially in winter – that's why taking up sports is often on the list of New Year resolutions. If you don't want to go to gym, there are options of outdoors sports: let's see where it's best to ski around Kyiv.

While day to day life mostly runs smoothly, sometimes it brings unpleasant surprises that concern our health. It is especially crucial when one tends to overwork themselves or appears to be under a great stress for a long time. Sometimes, accidents that have nothing to do with the person's lifestyle happen, too. All those situations need quick reaction and adequate care — that's why we gathered a guide on how to get medical help in Ukraine.

While staying in such a charming city as Lviv, we only want to enjoy amazing architecture, famous Lviv chocolate and fragrant coffee. However, life is unpredictable, and anyone may face such an unpleasant problem as sudden toothache. Where to seek for the best dentist in Lviv in such a case? We prepared the list of top 6 dental clinics in Lviv, where experienced professionals will take excellent care of your teeth.

Health issues and medical check-ups are things in life we can hardly afford to postpone. In fact, prevention is the best disease treatment, as often told by doctors of all specialities. This especially concerns eyesight, as in the era of tech devices which we can't let go from dawn to dusk, our eyes are the ones that pay the price. “Destinations” gathered together the best eye clinics in Lviv where you can consult and get efficient treatment.

During cold winter season, we have to deal with low temperature outside as well as exceptionally dry air inside our apartments caused by heating system. Of course, these factors produce additional stress for our skin and health in general, so we have to take all measures possible to look and feel good. Fortunately, there are many SPA centers in Kyiv offering numerous different treatments to take care of our bodies and souls.

Winter and snow finally hit Ukraine and the fact isn't putting a smile on the face of some. While some people are sick of cold and want to stay home under blankets, other seek opportunities that the cold season brings – such as skiing or sledding. The latter is especially popular with kids, but, of course, adults also indulge in the fun. Let's look at the best places for sledding in Kyiv.

Medical services in Ukraine have been steadily improving their level each year. In fact, the country is full of qualified specialists with years of experience behind their shoulders, as well as promising new faces. While merely 5 years ago most of them have been forced to work in poor conditions, today the staff of many hospitals are ready to welcome their patients in cozy conditions. Moreover, some places don't require you to have a translator to describe your concerns. Let's see where you can find English speaking doctors in Odessa, Ukraine.

Some years ago, plastic surgery was considered as a prerogative available only for rich and famous. Fortunately, the times have changed, and nowadays more and more people use services of plastic surgery clinics. The main reasons to have a plastic operation include improving one`s appearance, correcting birth defects, removing scars caused by traumas, anti-aging goals and adjusting to a new lifestyle or profession. How to choose the best clinic? We will help! Check out top 7 plastic surgery clinics in Ukraine with the best specialists and equipment.

Most of people are planning to become happy parents when the right time comes. Of course, to create a new life, both man and woman need to have a completely healthy reproductive system. However, this system is a fine and complicated mechanism that unfortunately does not work like a charm at times. Nowadays, when a family faces problems of such kind, they lay big hopes on reproductive medicine. Check out top 10 reproductive health clinics in Ukraine, where qualified professionals help their clients to experience the wonder of parenthood.

It is hard to imagine the modern world without wonders of technology. Not only the work we do, but also how we spend our free time, is heavily affected by tech appliances. Unfortunately, sometimes we don't know where to draw the line. Regulating the use of electronic devices is a tip number one we always hear from ophthalmologists. If you are concerned about your sight, or simply want a checkup at a reliable specialist, we offer you the top-5 best eye clinics in Kiev.

"Trust your heart", "Your heart knows the truth"...It is mentioned in the popular sayings so often there is no doubt left: heart has been one of the central images since the dawn of culture. Moreover, it is a crucially important organ. People often give it no attention until it starts to misbehave. At times like this, only the help of the best specialists could help. Let's have a look at the list of the best Ukrainian clinics of cardiac surgery.

Finding a dentist that is not only experienced, competent, but also available at the times of need is often a quest of the lifetime. It often happens so, price list doesn't satisfy, specialists seem not reliable enough, or the vibe is merely not there. Let's see the top-5 of the best dental clinics in Kiev. It requires certain amount of trust to place your health in stranger's hands, especially when it comes to teeth, but here you can abandon all worries.

In cold short winter days, many of us prefer to stay at home under thick blanket instead of spending time outside. Yes, we all know: low temperatures, freezing wind and deep snow bring lots of danger such as catching chill or hypothermia… But forewarned is forearmed! Using these simple tips, you will always feel energetic and healthy during cold months. Let`s take winter not as a peak time of flue, but as a snowy magical fairy tale full of fun!

One of the biggest winter vacation temptations is to go wild on food, parties and excessive (or close to none) sleep, coupled with a lack of proper exercise or simple walks out. This way, all the new year resolutions about finally getting in shape and staying that way will go to waste, right? Find out how to keep true to your promises and survive the winter vacation.

Training isn’t easy during the winter. There are many factors (the ones that go beyond adding holiday pounds from family dinners) that can sabotage your training progress. «Destinations» gathers together some tips and pointers from the professional coaches and sportsmen that can help you survive the tribulations of winter training.

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