KNZS is a new recreational club located near Kyiv in the central park of Koncha Zaspa area. Occupying the impressive area of over 1,5 hectares, this recreational complex can offer plenty of space and entreatment for as much as 1000 guests. This is a good option for weekend fun with family and friends in the middle of pine forest as well as a great chance to enjoy fresh air and delicious cuisine.

Getting a tooth ache and looking for a professional dental care are probably not among things one will be looking for while traveling or visiting a foreign country or city. Unfortunately, these unpleasant things still can happen to anybody and having a useful information on English speaking dentists in the area you are visiting or planning to stay at can be very helpful. To be sure you get the best dental consultation and treatment, check these dental clinics that offer services of the English speaking dentists.

Selfbalance studio in Kyiv is not just a great place to learn how to dance; besides that, Selfbalance gives a chance to build a strong self-confidence, to work through hidden psychological issues and to express every beautiful and bright side of one`s personality.

Whether you’re into intricate nail art or prefer a solid color, knowing what’s coming for the season ahead is the difference between a pedicure that’s strikingly cool and the one that feels outdated. It is incredible how such a small canvas can lend itself to so much creativity, and how big of an impact it can have on the whole outfit. The spring/ summer 2017 nail trends are all about playing with expectations, whether by playing with bare nails or going all out with designs.

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Traditional Thai massage is a therapeutic massage and treatment for relieving stress and tension, and for the treatment of back pain, stiff neck, and shoulder pain as well as muscle and tendon strain. Now numerous massage salons offer this traditional treatment in Kiev. «Destinations» is narrowing down top 5 best massage salons in Kiev downtown.

Relaxing in a busy city can be a tough call - that is why more and more people opt for outdoor yoga classes. Many of these yoga classes take place in the calming environs of leafy spots like parks and gardens. It’s all about breathing deeply in a beautiful space and finding some inner peace. Kyiv, Lviv and other Ukrainian cities offer many fresh air yoga sessions this summer, so pack a mat, grab the sunscreen, and see you on the grass.

With the beginning of the summer season, Kyiv is preparing all the beaches for numerous visitors to spend the time by the water with comfort and pleasure. This year «Pleso» Kyiv City Department for Water Recreational Areas is introducing SUPboarding, a new way for active leisure by the water in Kyiv.

On May 26th 2017all the cycling sport fans are invited to take part or simply watch the one-day Horizon Park Race for Peace for men. The race starts at Chabany town near Kyiv at 11 AM.

Karavan is a modern shopping and entertainment center in Kyiv. The concept of this complex keeps to three equal components: shopping, food and entertainment. Now the entertainments territory of Karavan is becoming larger and more exciting. Traditionally for the warm season, Crazy Karting starts its work on the parking of Karavan shopping and entertainment center.

One of the best ways to spend a sunny summer day and to explore a new city is to go cycling. But what to do if you are a traveler visiting Kyiv and do not have your own bike? Check out our list of the best services for bike renting in Kyiv.

With the coming of spring many of us will start the new season of sports related activities. Sport equipment is very important part of any work out. «Destinations» rounds up the list of sporting goods stores in Kyiv to stock up on everything you need for your fresh sport start.

The Wings for Life World Run is a running competition held on the first weekend of May since 2014 to collect funds for the Wings for Life, the nonprofit foundation. The run takes place in 34 or 35 locations around the Earth at the same time. In 2017 Kyiv is also on the list of locations. The Wings for Life World Run is broadcasted live on Red Bull TV.

Getting sick and looking for a professional medical help are probably not among things one will be looking for while traveling or visiting a foreign country or city. Unfortunately, these unpleasant things still can happen to anybody and having a useful information on English speaking doctors in the area you are visiting or planning to stay at can be very helpful. To be sure you get the best medical consultation and treatment, check these medical centers in Lviv that offer services of the English speaking doctors.

If you get a little tired of Odessa intensive party life, or just feel that you need a day of relaxation and taking care of health and beauty, you will probably need a visit to a good spa salon. Let`s take a look at top 5 spa massage salons in Odessa.

In England, they say “Your children will become what you are; so be what you want them to be”. Premier Palace Hotel Fitness Club believes that is true! If parents serve as fine examples, they can easily form good habits of their children.

Lviv offers many sport complexes where visitors can learn how to play tennis. There are plenty of tennis courts—including professional, recreational and amateur grounds with various surfaces as well as experienced and skilled coaches to run you through tennis theory and techniques. «Destinations» rounded up the best tennis schools in Lviv.

All ladies and gentlemen love to be good-looking, especially in the charming spring season. We propose you to visit some new beauty salons in Kyiv, which will help to look gorgeous!

With the warm weather finally back in action, spring is packed with fun runs, marathons and other great active events. In case you are an avid runner or just planning to try marathon running for the first time, «Destinations» rounds up a list of major marathons and sport events that will be taking place all over Ukraine in spring 2017.

“Happy girls are the prettiest”, many would agree with this statement of Audrey Hepburn’s. Very often during a stay in a foreign country or city you need to relax and unwind by feeling pampered. «Destinations» rounds up some of the best beauty salons in Lviv, helping you achieve your personal wellness and beauty goals.

Kyiv is not lacking places to work out and train. But finding the perfect gym to tone or slim down might be a tough task. «Destinations» narrowed down 3 innovative gyms in Kyiv which offer alternative trainings and promise high results to satisfy even most spoilt fitness fans.

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