3 barbershops in the center of Kyiv

3 barbershops in the center of Kyiv

Sometime ago it was a real tradition for men to visit barbershop a few times per month. It was the place where they could not only shave and get a haircut but also have a chat with friends over a glass of whiskey.

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Tommy Gun barbershop is a brutal place for brutal guys. The facebook page and the website of this barbershop are designed in black & white colors reflecting the idea that the real man does not need bright colors to express his emotions.

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Cool barbers with tattoos will help any man to become a real macho. The staff participates in Ukrainian contests of barbers where they improve their knowledge and impress others with their skills.
Address: 4, Tarasa Shevchenko Avenue, Kyiv, +38 067 888 6282

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Firm is another pretty famous barbershop in Kyiv; actually there are three of them in the city. It is a kind of hipster place for men who really care about their appearance. If a lady enters this barbershop she can pretend to be invisible and watch the men’s world inside out. I was such a lady once when I came there with my friend.

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While my companion got his hair cut, I heard the barber talking to a guy in the next chair. Do you have any idea of what the men chat about? You will not believe… they talk about women :-) Yes, for me it was like a confession. Well, maybe we, men and women, are not so different.
Address: 9B, Mikhailivsky Lane; 40/52 Tarasovska Str.; 3, Antonovicha Street, Kyiv.

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Barboss Barbershop & Tattoo is a place for the real men and youngsters. It is possible to get a haircut, to have beard and mustache cut, to get hair styling and to get shaved. Brutal breavehearts can ask for tattoo over here.

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Gentlemen may also buy certain hair-styling products in this barbershop. It is located close to the Opera hotel in the historic part of the city.
Address: 47, Bogdana Khmelnitskogo, Kyiv, +38 098 778 1316

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