Best 5 Tattoo Salons in Lviv

Best 5 Tattoo Salons in Lviv

Lviv is home to some of Ukraine’s best tattoo studios and salons. Whether you're looking for a discreet design or a larger commitment, take your pick of the top places in Lviv to get inked.

Custom House Tattoo

Photo: Custom House Facebook Page
Newly opened tattoo salon in Lviv incorporated top tattoo artists of the city. It is one of the most popular places to get inked in Lviv. The place usually attracts the young crowd. Designs here are bold, tattoo materials are of rather high quality and prices are relatively affordable.
Address: 3, Kostyushka street, Lviv
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Sgushonka Tattoo

Photo: Sgushchonka Facebook Page
A young aspiring tattoo artist Masha Gushchina opened her own tattoo studio in Lviv and is usually booked up 3-4 months ahead (no kidding). Masha works in all popular tattoo technics and creates her own very artistic tattoo designs. Sgushonka Tattoo studio in Lviv guarantees the highest quality materials and top notch quality of work.
Address: Kostya Levytskoho street, Lviv

Lviv Ink

Photo: Lviv Ink Facebook Page
Lviv Ink is the longest running tattoo studio in Lviv. This tattoo studio offers a great variety of pre-made tattoo designs, many in-house tattoo artists and a comfortable tattoo parlor. Lviv Ink also offers permanent make-up and tattoo removal services.
Address: 6, Mykhalchuka street, Lviv

Jack Vegas Ink

Photo: Jack Vegas VK Page
Young and talented Lviv tattoo artist Jack Vegas offers a mesmerizing selection of authentic designs. In this cozy little tattoo studio in Lviv the real magic is happening as Jack is an amazing artist that creates bold, bright and sharp tattoos.
Address: Kotlyarevskyy street, Lviv
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Sam’s Tattoo (Igor Savchyn Tattoo Parlor)

Photo: Sam's Tattoo Facebook Page
Igor Savchyn is a pioneer tattoo artist in Lviv. His works are truly spectacular and look like masterpieces on the skin. Sam’s Tattoo is one of the most sought after studios in Lviv and some of the Lviv's best tattoo artists learned the trade from Igor Savchyn and have worked under his steer. To schedule an appointment with Igor Savchyn (Sam) is rather challenging, he’s pretty booked up for months ahead, however his works are really impressive and totally worth all the fuss with scheduling an appointment.
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