English Speaking Doctors in Odessa, Ukraine

English Speaking Doctors in Odessa, Ukraine

Medical services in Ukraine have been steadily improving their level each year. In fact, the country is full of qualified specialists with years of experience behind their shoulders, as well as promising new faces. While merely 5 years ago most of them have been forced to work in poor conditions, today the staff of many hospitals are ready to welcome their patients in cozy conditions. Moreover, some places don't require you to have a translator to describe your concerns. Let's see where you can find English speaking doctors in Odessa, Ukraine.

Into-Sana is the most popular medical center where you can receive a consultation with English speaking doctors in Odessa, Ukraine. Here more than 450 specialists with years of experience provide reliable and modern treatment. Clinic is divided into several divisions, making it easier for the patients: medical center, laboratory, diagnostics center, hospital, family medicine, first aid and ambulance services.
The medical center at Into-Sana provides all types of outpatient services, such as consultations, a wide range of laboratory and instrumental studies, selection of an individual program of treatment and prevention of illnesses, including surgery, vaccination, and physiotherapy. At the diagnostics center, patients can choose ultrasound diagnostics of any zone, mammography, electrocardiography, CT and MRI scan, all types of endoscopic studies: FGDS, colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, as well as a simple X-ray.
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Into-Sana is the only private medical company in Odessa, which has its own clinical and diagnostic laboratory with a full spectrum of analysis. The widest range of infectious diseases can be checked at the laboratory, including hepatitis of all types. In addition, if you need to use special containers (for instance, urine tests) for the analysis, they will be provided by the clinic. Chemical analysis is performed 24/7, which is convenient for unpredictable cases. The areas of treatment you can receive with English speaking doctors in Odessa, Ukraine at Into-Sana includes gynecology, urology allergology, gastroenterology, dietology, cardiology, cardiosurgery, neurology, oncology, ophthalmology, therapy, physiotherapy, surgery and many others. Moreover, the clinic has special offers up to 40% for consultations, which can be found on the web-site.
Address: 28, Davyda Oistrakha street; 17, Akademika Korol'ova street2, Varnens'ka street26, Akademika Zabolotnoho (diagnostics center); 32, Nezhdanovoi street (diagnostics center)
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Oxford Medical Private Clinic
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Oxford Medical is a private clinic with more than 12 years of experience in various spheres of medicine. This clinic has opened medical centers in 19 cities, making it the largest network in Ukraine. Odessa hosts two centers, located comfortably for the patients to reach. More than a hundred qualified English speaking doctors in Odessa, Ukraine offer their services in over 10 areas at Oxford Medical. Those include but aren't limited to gynecology, urology, dermatology, proctology, neurology and endocrinology. Esthetic medicine is one of the popular directions among patients: cosmetologists of the clinic use the cutting-edge apparatus technology and ensure the fastest and safest treatment. Thus, such procedures as hair removal, ultrasonic cleansing, treatment of cellulitis are available here. The clinic offers modern and reliable treatment of hemorrhoids and psoriasis.
Finally, laboratory and instrumental diagnostics, like CT (computer tomography) and ultrasound are on the list of the services too. Initial consultation is free at Oxford Medical. You can make an appointment either via clinic's website, e-mail or phone call. Working hours are 8 A.M. – 8 P.M.
Address: 33, Zhukovs'koho street; 30, Heroiv Stalinhradu street
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English speaking doctors in Odessa, Ukraine are among the most valued specialists in the country. They are ready to provide quick and efficient services in more than 20 areas, including consultation and prevention, depending on your current needs.
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