KNZS: New Recreational Club Near Kyiv

KNZS: New Recreational Club Near Kyiv

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KNZS is a new recreational club located near Kyiv in the central park of Koncha Zaspa area. Occupying the impressive area of over 1,5 hectares, this recreational complex can offer plenty of space and entreatment for as much as 1000 guests. This is a good option for weekend fun with family and friends in the middle of pine forest as well as a great chance to enjoy fresh air and delicious cuisine.

The complex is easy to get to and it offers a comfortable parking space for 120 cars. It consists of a hotel, two summer terraces, restaurant that has already received many positive feedbacks from the guests as to their meat dishes and another restaurant for special occasions celebration. The Relax area offers spacious pool, pool bar with an impressive cocktail list and enough sun-beds and gazebos for the pool area not to feel crowded. 
For the guests who think that lounging by the pool is kind of boring, KNZS offers various active leisure entreatment and spa services. Fishing enthusiasts are welcome to enjoy their hobby in the local river. Sauna fans can enjoy beer sauna, traditional Japanese ofuro sauna, Turkish hammam, crio-sauna. The KNZS spa complex also offers a variety of massages. 
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Many guests come to visit KNZS for its restaurant which offers dishes of European and Middle Eastern cuisine with significant accent on meat dishes prepared on open fire. The restaurant has a very well set wine list, offering wines of different wine regions ranging from the most popular sorts of wine from Europe to interesting and peculiar kinds from New World territories. The bar will offer well mixed drinks as well as great selection of international brands’ strong liquors. 

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KNZS can become a perfect summer location near Kyiv for quality family time, fun partying with friends or great venue for  celebrating special event and occasions. Address: 275, Stolychne Shosse. 
Photo source: KNZS Facebook page. All images belong to their rightful owners.

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