Outdoor Yoga Classes in Kyiv

Outdoor Yoga Classes in Kyiv

Relaxing in a busy city can be a tough call - that is why more and more people opt for outdoor yoga classes. Many of these yoga classes take place in the calming environs of leafy spots like parks and gardens. It’s all about breathing deeply in a beautiful space and finding some inner peace. Kyiv, Lviv and other Ukrainian cities offer many fresh air yoga sessions this summer, so pack a mat, grab the sunscreen, and see you on the grass.

One of yoga’s (many) beauties is that it can literally be done anywhere. And it turns out nature enhances your practice in an entirely different way than a studio does. While a vigorous hike has its own benefits, practicing yoga outside can transform a stagnant routine into a heightened experience.

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Kyiv VDNH complex is conveniently located next to the Golosiyivskyy forest and offers vast green lawns and comforting shades for outdoor yoga classes. Every Sunday there is Divya Yoga class hosted by Ganesh yoga studio. You can check the class schedule on their Facebook page.
Divya Yoga is a synthesis of the ancient system of hatha yoga and a contemporary method of bodywork called Hellerwork. Divya Yoga is divided into four parts: the first focusing on the “sleeve” of the body, the second focusing on the “core” structures, the third one - on the balancing of the feminine and masculine energies, and the last one is focused on the integration of all the foregoing parts. Divya Yoga was developed by Divya Aanand (Daryl Vansier). This is a perfect yoga type for beginners.
The classes begin at 10 AM on «Sad Zhelaniy». To get there take the first turn right after passing through the main entrance.
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Kyiv Sunrise Yoga project launches another summer yoga season. This time Kyiv Sunrise Yoga offers regular morning hatha yoga classes and meditation sessions from most experienced instructors. Every Wednesday and Friday at 7 AM and on Saturday at 8:30 AM classes take place at Peyzazhna alley. Poznyaky Park is another location which hosts morning classes every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 AM. On Thursdays Kyiv Sunrise Yoga hosts yoga classes in secret rooftop locations. Participants are texted the exact locations after signing up for class. On Sundays classes take place in Fomin Botanical Garden (University Subway Station).
You can check the detailed schedule on the web page or on their Facebook page.

Mariyinsky park with its central location and numerous green lawns is a perfect location for summer outdoor yoga classes in Kyiv. Yoga Putishestviya Pryroda team hosts regular open-air hatha yoga classes in Mariyinsky park. Classes take place on Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays. More details as to class schedule can be found on their Facebook page. This yoga studio also hosts classes in Park Partizanskoy Slavy in Kyiv.


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Kyiv Yoga School invites to join their open air yoga classes in Pushkin Park near Kyiv Zoo. Here you can practice Vajra yoga. Vajra yoga or vajrasana is more of a meditative practice. Often taking place in longer intervals, it instills a deep sense of peace. The idea is to achieve a clearer sense of self, not necessarily through physical strain, but through mindfulness and slower moving techniques. Vajra yoga is quite a bit more serene than is found in most instances. Classes will be calmer. You can check the classes schedule on Kyiv Yoga School Facebook page.
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