Review of Kosino Thermal Complex & Spa

Review of Kosino Thermal Complex & Spa

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Kosino, a small town in Western Ukraine near the Hungarian border, is a popular travel destination for those who want to soak their bodies and free their minds while getting the healing treatment in thermal waters with endless health and beauty benefits. «Destinations» offers the review of Kosino Complex and Spa.

The whole region of Zakarpattia (Transcarpathian) is literally punctuated by natural hot springs. The thermal springs in Kosino, which became the place for the whole wellness and spa complex, are the most popular in the area. Kosino Complex and Spa is the oldest balneological complex in Ukraine and also one of the oldest in Europe. It was established during Austro-Hungarian Empire and was functional ever since. Even after the most recent reconstruction, this spa and wellness complex preserves the historical style and ambiance of similar balneological complexes scattered around Hungary and Austria.
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The complex has undergone a major reconstruction recently and now is a modern fully functioning spa and wellness center with great variety of natural hot thermal water pools and wide range of additional beauty services such as massages, facial and body treatments etc. Kosino Complex and Spa is located in a picturesque 200 year old oak grove and occupies the area of 8 hectares.

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There are 5 pools at the Kosino Complex and Spa, three of them filled with natural spring hot water and other two (fresh water adult pool and children pool) offer a refreshing dip into the cool water after thermal baths. Rich in sulphur and an array of other minerals, healing thermal waters rise from 1190 meters depths and have a temperature of 41°C all year round. Let us make our review of Kosino Complex and Spa even more interesting by mentioning the fact that the incredibly high mineral content and low sulfur odor rank these mineral hot springs with the world famous hot springs of New Zealand and Iceland.


People come to Kosino Complex and Spa in order to cure arthritis, osteoporosis, cardio hypertension, nerve injury and limb plexus, nervous system disease, atherosclerosis of blood vessels of extremities, varicose veins and many others. The chemical composition of thermal water in Kosino is truly outstanding. These natural hot springs in Ukraine are rich in iron (mass concentration of 1.62), manganese, potassium, silicon, sodium, fluoride, zinc and other trace elements that affect the entire complex of human body. Doctors recommend to take thermal baths in 15-20 minutes sets with 40 minutes to 1 hour interval.

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At the end of our review of Kosino Thermal Complex & Spa we’d like to share general information on rates at this wellness and spa complex. Attending Kosino Thermal Complex is not a cheap treat comparing to other thermal resorts in Ukraine. 3 hours in the complex cost UAH 300, and the ticket for the full day is UAH 700. Kosino Thermal Complex & Spa also offers a comfortable hotel in case guests would like to enjoy hot springs for a longer period of time. Local restaurant offers delicious dishes of Hungarian and Ukrainian cuisine.
Photo source: Kosino official web page , Kosino Facebook page. 


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