Ski Resort Near Kyiv

Ski Resort Near Kyiv

A new ski resort with three pistes was opened this January near Kyiv in Gvozdev village, Vasylkiv district.

The length of the first two ski trails is 200 and 220 meters accordingly; the third one is 50 meters (it’s for children).
The trials are equipped with two ski lifts: T-bar lift and multi-lift. You can also find trampoline for snowboard tricks, snowmaking system, and equipment hiring station over there. Lamers can get instructors’ assistance.

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The ski resort also offers hotel and restaurant services as well as the skating rink, so you can stay for a long comfortable weekend over here.
T-bar lift – UAH 15 / rise during the weekends and holidays, UAH 7-9 during weekdays.
Multi-lift – UAH 12 / rise during the weekends and holidays, UAH 6-8 during weekdays.
Double room in the hotel costs UAH 1 300 per night during holidays time.

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