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According to one of the popular misconceptions, during summer our skin doesn’t need the amount of care we dedicate in winter. In reality, it’s not entirely true: both face and body need nourishing and moisturizing, as well as intense protection from the Sun. Cosmetologist Diana Hak gives expert tips for the best skin treatment in the hot season.

If the weather in Kiev burns your mind, there are perfect escape options - the 3 best resort complexes near Kiev to sunbathe, swim, relax and really enjoy summer a bit further away from the city.

The stereotypes that men have to look like brutal Neanderthaler finally died in all progressive world. Now men do care about their appearance and this is not only about visiting gym twice per week and jogging every day. We talked about professional skin care with Tatyana Kolomoyets, a doctor-dermatologist of the highest category, PhD in medicine and general director of EuroEstetGroup.

Sometimes, no matter the reason, it is simply necessary to unwind and take some time for yourself. While lying on the couch and eating take-out may sound as the best way to relax, it may not be what our body needs. Part of the reason massages and spa treatments are so popular is that they are not only pleasant, but also have a positive long-term effect on health. Destinations picked the best spa hotels in Ukraine for an antistress journey.

While getting a new beautiful haircut, it is essential to explain to hairdresser what exactly you want in order to avoid confusing situations. How to get a new exciting look if you stay in Kiev and do not speak any Ukrainian or Russian? Don`t worry: English-speaking hairdressers in Kiev are always ready to help.

During cold winter season, we have to deal with low temperature outside as well as exceptionally dry air inside our apartments caused by heating system. Of course, these factors produce additional stress for our skin and health in general, so we have to take all measures possible to look and feel good. Fortunately, there are many SPA centers in Kyiv offering numerous different treatments to take care of our bodies and souls.

It may feel a little cliché to talk about adjusting your skincare routine along with your wardrobe as we go from summer to winter, but there’s a reason why so many people do. The change in humidity, the exposure to indoor heaters, and blustery winds actually can make skin drier and duller. These elemental conditions can also exasperate skin sensitivity, redness, and even itchiness or flaking. Dry skin is so fragile, and you have to do more to protect your lipid layer.

Zakarpattya is a region with truly amazing nature and rich history, as well as hidden secrets and amazing traditions. If you are a fan of new exciting experiences, or are interested in wellness procedures with long-lasting results, hot jar spa (or «chan») may lure you into one of the villages in the Carpathians.

Winter is coming! So does the desire to keep warm, as well as the need to take extra care of health. There is a place you can do both with great pleasure - a bathhouse. Popular among Ukrainians, bathhouses have long been a place to spend pastime. Find out where you can chill and enjoy the warmth.

“I like to watch something appear out of nothing” says Lera Borodina, co-founder of G.Bar beauty salon that moved far beyond not just Kyiv, but Ukraine borders. Five beauty stops in the capital of Ukraine greet female visitors around the week to add ginger to girls’ every day routine.

The arrival of fall doesn’t mean that girls need to overhaul their entire makeup routine and stock up on tons of new make-up products. Absolutely not! However, beauty editors and bloggers all over the globe are suggesting some useful beauty products that will help make the transition to fall season a little smoother.

WISH Family Space is a new family recreational complex near Kyiv. It is located in «Wishneve mistechko» residential complex 9 kms away from the city center. This place is a perfect option for family fun and relaxation not far from the city. WISH family space is a  club, so guests either have to buy membership or one-day visit card (UAH 1000).

Thermal waters is a general name for underground waters with temperature 20°С and higher. The curative properties of thermal waters are well-known from the times of Roman Empire, when the most of public bathes were located on hot springs. Berehove is the only region of Zakarpattya in Ukraine, abundant in springs with hot mineral water. Our review of thermal waters in Berehove will help you to find the best place for a healing and relaxing thermal bath.

Choosing a nail salon can be, well, a real nail-biting decision. While there’s one seemingly on every block, getting a quality and speedy (as time is often an important matter) service is quite challenging. Get your fingers and toes in tip-top shape with a speedy manicure-pedicure service in one of these Kyiv nail salons.

I often wonder how courageous and industrious are those who dare to start their own business under current conditions in Ukraine. And I`m even more impressed with those bravehearts and hard workers who not just start their business, but also manage to do it with passion, keep to the highest standards of quality and gain popularity. This article is about two such persons, two daring and very ambitious sisters, and about their JBB beauty studio.

Whether you’re into intricate nail art or prefer a solid color, knowing what’s coming for the season ahead is the difference between a pedicure that’s strikingly cool and the one that feels outdated. It is incredible how such a small canvas can lend itself to so much creativity, and how big of an impact it can have on the whole outfit. The spring/ summer 2017 nail trends are all about playing with expectations, whether by playing with bare nails or going all out with designs.

Traditional Thai massage is a therapeutic massage and treatment for relieving stress and tension, and for the treatment of back pain, stiff neck, and shoulder pain as well as muscle and tendon strain. Now numerous massage salons offer this traditional treatment in Kiev. «Destinations» is narrowing down top 5 best massage salons in Kiev downtown.

If you get a little tired of Odessa intensive party life, or just feel that you need a day of relaxation and taking care of health and beauty, you will probably need a visit to a good spa salon. Let`s take a look at top 5 spa massage salons in Odessa.

All ladies and gentlemen love to be good-looking, especially in the charming spring season. We propose you to visit some new beauty salons in Kyiv, which will help to look gorgeous!

“Happy girls are the prettiest”, many would agree with this statement of Audrey Hepburn’s. Very often during a stay in a foreign country or city you need to relax and unwind by feeling pampered. «Destinations» rounds up some of the best beauty salons in Lviv, helping you achieve your personal wellness and beauty goals.

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