Summer 2017 Trendy Pedicures

Summer 2017 Trendy Pedicures

Whether you’re into intricate nail art or prefer a solid color, knowing what’s coming for the season ahead is the difference between a pedicure that’s strikingly cool and the one that feels outdated. It is incredible how such a small canvas can lend itself to so much creativity, and how big of an impact it can have on the whole outfit. The spring/ summer 2017 nail trends are all about playing with expectations, whether by playing with bare nails or going all out with designs.

Bright Lights: take a walk on the wild side-literally! According to celebrity manicurists, it’s all about high-octane hues this summer. At the pool, brights and pop colors look amazing. Go for raspberry, metallic turquoise, or magenta: in the sunlight, these colors look extra shiny as will an element of the unexpected in the form of a sparkling, healthy coat of clear.
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if the beach is more your jam, earthier, matte shades of soft pink, gray, taupe, or mauve work well, since the sand is going to scuff up your lacquer anyway. And there’s another decision to be made: whether to match or contrast with the day’s swimwear. If you’re wearing a pastel suit, try a polish in the same family.


Metallic Ombré: the gradient trend may be fading away from hair — bad ombré is a thing, you know — it's just getting started on nails.


Millennial Pink: you aren't the only one obsessed with the unapologetically feminine shade. Millennial pink got the high-fashion seal of approval from top international beauty editors and numerous celebrities.


Abstract Art: you don't have to be Picasso to master this trend. Just grab some of your favorite polish shades and have fun with it.


Solid Stripes: creating striped nail art can be as easy or difficult as you want it to be. You can drag the brush vertically across your nail bed for one solid stripe or you can break out the tape for some primary-colored lines.


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Here’s the brightest blues, funkiest lines, and shimmeriest shades for the most trendy summer 2017 pedicure.
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