Top 3 Tattoo Studios in Kiev

Top 3 Tattoo Studios in Kiev

Getting a tattoo is a serious decision that needs not only your own courage and confidence, but also taste, skills and professionalism of the master. Check out the top 3 tattoo studios in Kiev that won’t let you regret about getting your tattoo.

Bone House

Photo: Bone house Official Facebook page
Bone House tattoo salon in Kiev was opened by creative and highly professional guys who were the first one to claim that working with pre-made drawing from internet is ‘bad’. With years, they developed their own graphic style and became the pioneers of tattoo culture in Kiev. Being pretty famous and popular now, tattoo masters work only by appointment and may refuse to work with ideas that seem to be too simple for them.
Address: 4 Mykhaylivskyi lane, Kiev

Ink Side

Photo: Ink Side Official Facebook page
Ink Side was home and starting point for the best tattoo artists in Kiev at different times. Now this tattoo salon in Kyiv has grown enough even to establish its own tattoo art school. Ink Side offers a wide range of services including development of individual sketches, renovation of old tattoos, cover up and tattoo advice.
Address: 21-B Mykhaylivska str., Kiev

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Photo: A3metric Official Facebook page
A3metric is not only one of the top tattoo studios in Kiev, but also a place in Kiev, engaged in the design of clothing and leather goods. The tattoo artist who runs the tattoo studio in Kiev is quite strict and demanding: he works only in his own geometric style, does all the design by himself, doesn’t let anyone else work with his drawings and can even put clients in the blacklist for making interventions and interruptions while he is working or being rude or unpunctual. Getting an appointment at A3metric is a difficult task. However, the result is completely worth that!
Address: 32 Melnykova str., Kiev

Get crazy and tattoed at one of the top 3 tattoo salons in Kiev!

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