Life is unpredictable, so we’d better be prepared for everything that it brings – both good and bad. If we find ourselves in a situation that is far from safe, it is much better to feel self-confident and secure than lost and unprotected. Attending a good class of self-defense and martial arts can surely help with this; besides, it benefits to health of our body & mind. Let`s see where to attend effective self-defense courses in Kyiv.

Ukraine offers lots of opportunities to experience various water amusements. There are many options for those who prefer calm boating and catamaran riding as well as for lovers of extreme wakeboards and wave runners.

Year 2018 is packed with fun runs, marathons and other great active events. In case you are an avid runner or just planning to try marathon running for the first time, «Destinations» rounds up a list of major marathons and sport events that will be taking place all over Ukraine in 2018.

Going in for sports is one of the best ways to ensure longevity and strong health. Depending on the sport you choose, It might often require buying various equipment, which can be quite costly. To make your hobby reasonably priced, we have picked top-5 shops with affordable sporting goods in Kyiv.

While spring is slowly but surely creeping around the corner, we might as well enjoy the last appearance of snow — and not by scrolling hundreds of Instagram pictures, but in an active way. A weekend spent on various ski and tubing bases near Lviv is just a perfect option to do that. Let's check out the best spots for active leisure not far from the heart of West Ukraine.

When winter finally comes around the corner, it is easy to get stuck in your apartment and find solace in comfort food and binging TV-shows on Netflix. However, it may not be always the best option for physical and mental health. Human bodies need activity and exposure to sun – especially in winter – that's why taking up sports is often on the list of New Year resolutions. If you don't want to go to gym, there are options of outdoors sports: let's see where it's best to ski around Kyiv.

Winter and snow finally hit Ukraine and the fact isn't putting a smile on the face of some. While some people are sick of cold and want to stay home under blankets, other seek opportunities that the cold season brings – such as skiing or sledding. The latter is especially popular with kids, but, of course, adults also indulge in the fun. Let's look at the best places for sledding in Kyiv.

One of the biggest winter vacation temptations is to go wild on food, parties and excessive (or close to none) sleep, coupled with a lack of proper exercise or simple walks out. This way, all the new year resolutions about finally getting in shape and staying that way will go to waste, right? Find out how to keep true to your promises and survive the winter vacation.

Training isn’t easy during the winter. There are many factors (the ones that go beyond adding holiday pounds from family dinners) that can sabotage your training progress. «Destinations» gathers together some tips and pointers from the professional coaches and sportsmen that can help you survive the tribulations of winter training.

Winter is coming, so heavy snow and low temperatures are just around the corner. Many people prefer to hide at home in these months, but there are also many active enthusiasts, who take winter as a chance to do their favorite extreme sports. Snowboarding is one of the most popular sports in cold season, and those who love this exciting activity are looking forward to visit the best snowboarding trails in Ukraine.

Sport activities in Ukraine are an integral part of everyday life, and many Ukrainians cannot imagine their well-being without doing different sports. Due to country`s diverse geography and climate, the opportunities for sportsmen are almost endless: everyone from lovers of surfing and to snowboarding enthusiasts can find suitable locations and conditions for enjoying their favorite activities. Here are some facts about sports in Ukraine.

Many Kyiv dwellers as well as visitors of the city, who love sports and prefer healthy lifestyle, are interested in spending a weekend riding a bicycle. Kyiv suburbs are full of picturesque places such as parks and forests, which are definitely good for a pleasant bicycle ride. Let us consider the best bicycle routes near Kyiv.

On Independence Day of Ukraine (August 24, 2017), the traditional Race in ‘Vyshyvankas’ will take place in the capital of Ukraine. The big Independence Race will start at Rusanivska waterfront on August 24, 2017 in Kyiv. However, the festive Race will last until August 27, 2017 in other cities.

Relaxing in a busy city can be a tough call - that is why more and more people opt for outdoor yoga classes. Many of these yoga classes take place in the calming environs of leafy spots like parks and gardens. It’s all about breathing deeply in a beautiful space and finding some inner peace. Kyiv, Lviv and other Ukrainian cities offer many fresh air yoga sessions this summer, so pack a mat, grab the sunscreen, and see you on the grass.

With the beginning of the summer season, Kyiv is preparing all the beaches for numerous visitors to spend the time by the water with comfort and pleasure. This year «Pleso» Kyiv City Department for Water Recreational Areas is introducing SUPboarding, a new way for active leisure by the water in Kyiv.

On May 26th 2017all the cycling sport fans are invited to take part or simply watch the one-day Horizon Park Race for Peace for men. The race starts at Chabany town near Kyiv at 11 AM.

Karavan is a modern shopping and entertainment center in Kyiv. The concept of this complex keeps to three equal components: shopping, food and entertainment. Now the entertainments territory of Karavan is becoming larger and more exciting. Traditionally for the warm season, Crazy Karting starts its work on the parking of Karavan shopping and entertainment center.

One of the best ways to spend a sunny summer day and to explore a new city is to go cycling. But what to do if you are a traveler visiting Kyiv and do not have your own bike? Check out our list of the best services for bike renting in Kyiv.

With the coming of spring many of us will start the new season of sports related activities. Sport equipment is very important part of any work out. «Destinations» rounds up the list of sporting goods stores in Kyiv to stock up on everything you need for your fresh sport start.

The Wings for Life World Run is a running competition held on the first weekend of May since 2014 to collect funds for the Wings for Life, the nonprofit foundation. The run takes place in 34 or 35 locations around the Earth at the same time. In 2017 Kyiv is also on the list of locations. The Wings for Life World Run is broadcasted live on Red Bull TV.

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