Sport Activities in Ukraine

Sport Activities in Ukraine

Sport activities in Ukraine are an integral part of everyday life, and many Ukrainians cannot imagine their well-being without doing different sports. Due to country`s diverse geography and climate, the opportunities for sportsmen are almost endless: everyone from lovers of surfing and to snowboarding enthusiasts can find suitable locations and conditions for enjoying their favorite activities. Here are some facts about sports in Ukraine.

Football seems to be the kind of sport that Ukrainians adore the most. Many Ukrainians are the fans of well-known football clubs of Ukraine, such as Dynamo (Kyiv), Metallist (Kharkiv) or Chornomorets (Odesa). Big matches always attract many fans and become significant events for football community. Besides, numerous people like to play this exciting game on amateur level with friends and family members, both outdoors in summer and in roofed sport centers in winter.
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Nowadays, people are keen on workouts at gym. Lifting weights and training on fitness equipment became a true addiction for lovers of healthy lifestyle, so well-known sport clubs, such as Sport Life and Sportland in Kyiv and other cities, are always full of visitors. Taking a photo of your workout in gym and posting it on social media is a real trend!
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Many Ukrainians are also interested in diverse martial arts. Men and even women regularly take part in box trainings and sessions of rather exotic martial arts such as capoeira, judo and karate. For example, Judo Federation of Ukraine was established in 1991; today it is a large and influential organization. Members of the Federation won numerous medals and prizes on many European judo championships.
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Talking about sports in warm season of spring and summer, we should surely mention growing popularity of running and cycling, which are at the top list of sport activities in Ukraine. As for running races, this kind of sport is appreciated by hundreds of Ukrainian people, and holding all-city marathons has already become a good tradition. For example, Kyiv dwellers and guests are always glad to participate in such events as Vyshyvanka Race or Kyiv Euro Marathon.
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Cycling is also very popular among Ukrainians. Following European traditions, many people began to use bicycles instead of public transport, and the number of cycling tracks in the cities is continuously growing. If you do not have your own bike, you can always rent one at special renting service.
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Those who love being in wild nature often choose hiking tours. Ukrainian Carpathians are a perfect destination for lovers of hiking, offering both easy and complicated tourist routes. Hikers can climb high mountains such as Hoverla and Menchul or have an exciting journey throughout Borzhava valley, enjoying breathtaking mountain landscapes.
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Extreme sports fans may try rafting along one of winding Ukrainian rivers such as Cheremosh or Yuzhniy Bug. People who prefer swimming and doing water sports, for example water skiing, supboarding or surfing, should pay attention to locations near Odesa and take part in Z-Games festival, held each year on the Black Sea cost in Zatoka resort. This event unites all kinds of extreme water sports with exciting music parties by the seaside.
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Summer season offers us great choice of opportunities for doing fitness and yoga outdoors. Ancient art of yoga has gained recognition of hundreds Ukrainian people as a kind of activity useful both for body and mind. Fans of yoga organize lots of local trainings in parks and squares, along with big yoga festivals such as Yoga Day in June, held in many Ukrainian cities, and Avatar Yoga Festival, that takes place by the sea near Odesa in the end of summer.
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Sport activities in Ukraine are not less popular in winter season than in summer time. In cold months, Ukrainians love to visit open air and roofed skating rinks in many cities of Ukraine. Fans of skiing and snowboarding usually come to winter resorts in Carpathian Mountains to enjoy their favorite winter activities. As an example, Bukovel resort, located not far from Ivano-Frankivsk, offers great opportunities both for doing winter sports and for having relaxing time in comfortable hotels and cottages. Such winter resorts as Dragobrat, Rakhiv and Pylypets are also worth attention of skiers and snowboarders.
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Those who love challenges and overcoming difficulties may choose taking part in a winter hiking tour. For example, you can join a tour along Chornohora Mountains chain. The adventure of winter hiking will definitely strengthen your body as well as your spirit.
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Stay strong and healthy doing various sport activities in Ukraine!
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