Water Entertainments in Ukraine

Water Entertainments in Ukraine

Ukraine offers lots of opportunities to experience various water amusements. There are many options for those who prefer calm boating and catamaran riding as well as for lovers of extreme wakeboards and wave runners.

Kyiv, which is located on beautiful Dnipro River and has many wonderful lakes, offers interesting options for water activities. Last year «Pleso» Kyiv City Department for Water Recreational Areas introduced SUPboarding, a new way for active leisure by the water in Kyiv. Stand up paddle boards (SUP) offer a fun, relaxing way to play on the water. With a minimum of gear, you can paddle ocean surf or placid lakes and rivers. To get started, you just need some basic SUP gear and techniques. «Pleso» Kyiv City Department for Water Recreational Areas offers free SUPboarding summer camps for children during the whole summer season. SUPboarding gear rentals will offer all the necessary equipment for this fun water sport on reasonable prices. At the moment there are 12 rental stations located along the Dnipro River (Hydropark, Osokorky, Korchevate, Obolon’ and others). One can rent a set of stuff for SUPboarding at one rental station and drop it off at the other station at the end of the SUPboarding route. Currently «Pleso» offers over 100 km of SUPboarding routes. These routes are of low to medium difficulty level and will be great options for the beginners as well as for the experienced SUPboarders.
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If you want to try such extreme water sport as kayaking, three Kayak-Canoe rental points in Kyiv are at your service. While renting a kayak, you can have a great time on your own, with family, friends or colleagues. Clients can enjoy a few-hour ride on regular kayaks, a weekend trip on tourist kayaks and can also use a chance to test some exclusive kayaks. Kayak-Canoe rental points provide everything needed for a successful water adventure. The clients are offered professional training and help in choosing equipment; kids` chairs for family kayaks, comfortable life jackets and light paddles; help and instructions for the people with special needs; permanent tickets and discount cards. Kayak-Canoe center organizes diverse kayaking trips, such as morning rides for young and active people, romantic evening trips with colorful lights, kayak tours for professionals. Apart from kayaks, clients are offered SUP boards and canoes. Addresses:
Hydropark subway station, Dolobetskiy island, on the left from Venecianckiy bridge (9, Obolonska embankment, 13b, Malozemelna street, Kyiv).


Kyiv river-boat station is located in the beautiful historical Podil district. Here everyone interested can order an exciting motor ship ride along Dnipro. The boat station offers rides for any taste. For example, a ride along Dnipro allows seeing spectacular architecture of Podil, famous Kyiv monasteries and monuments. Other programs include rides along Obolon and Osokorky districts. There is also a ride to so-called “Kyiv sea”, a large water-collecting storage with spectacular views, and a special ride to Desna River. The clients are offered different kinds of motor ships and programs of any duration starting from 2 hours. A motor ship trip can be a great choice for any business or entertainment event. It is even possible to visit a disco on a motor ship, which will be a really unique experience.

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 When it comes to scenic sights, there's one standout: the water. Nothing beats feasting your eyes on glistening waves calmly beating against the shore — and that's a fact. Dinner cruise, the new Kyiv attraction, can easily deliver your fix of watery vistas as well as pleasantly surprise the most spoiled foodies.
Silver Wave dinner cruise along Dnipro River is a real treat to the eyes, the mind and the plate. By day or by night Silver Wave cruses offer to discover the full splendor of a panoramic view aboard a modern cruise boat. Guests are welcome to enjoy refined cuisine and discrete, attentive service to the sounds of live musical entertainment. Kyiv at night, especially along the city's spectacular Dnipro River, is a wonder to behold. While you wine and dine in luxurious surroundings, you'll get a true taste of just how much this city dazzles at night. Prior booking is required.
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For a dose of adrenaline check out prokat.coba.ua, an experienced team of young people, who desire to popularize extreme water sports. All team members are really passionate about their work and are happy to teach clients such breathtaking water activities as wakeboarding, wakesurfing, riding motor boats and hydrocycles. The team consists of certified instructors, who have all required licenses. Prokat.coba.ua offers only top modern equipment for all rides. It is possible to ride at night with special lighting and to listen to your favorite music, enjoying extreme water trip at the same time. Prokat.coba.ua team includes professional photographers and camera-control engineers, who create unbelievably beautiful pictures and videos of pleasant moments.


It could get really hot in Lviv during summer days as water is the only thing this city lacks - in a form of river or lake. Voodoo Wakeboard park is a place to go to carve up the waves and ride the wake just outside Lviv. And those who think that wakeboarding season in Ukraine equals to 3 summer months is seriously wrong. From April till October Voodoo Wakeboard park in Lviv is getting busy, as a wet suit is all you need for an adrenaline filled ride. Voodoo Wakeboard park is a place to go to carve up the waves and ride the wake just outside Lviv. Voodoo’s professional instructors make wakeboarding fun and easy to learn for all, no matter what your skill level is. Feel the thrill of wakeboarding riding the waters of little cozy lake and chill to some reggae tunes with ice-cold drink after in the Voodoo beach bar. The price is UAH 130 for a 10 min set. How to find: Bryukhovychi Lake near Lviv.
Prior reservation is strongly advised, as all the 10-minute riding sets are usually tightly booked one week ahead, especially on weekends. The visitors pay only for the riding set, the rent of the equipment (if needed), lounge chairs, beach bean bags, use of changing and shower room is already included in that price. You can check the prices and all the additional info on Voodoo wakeboard park Facebook page.
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Rafting on the mountain rivers is a great chance to have fun while visiting Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains. Most of the mountain rivers of the Carpathian region (Black Cheremosh, White Cheremosh, Prut, Stry, and Tisa River and its basin in the Transcarpathia) are easily accessible for tourists. Kayaks, canoes, catamarans, rafts are the most popular on the rivers. The best time to go through rivers of Carpathians is the end of April and the beginning of May when melting snow swells them with lots of water. Some of them like river Prut, Black Cheremosh, White Cheremosh and its small tributaries are only accessible during those few spring days. River Tysa and the Cheremosh are accessible for rafting throughout the warm season – from April to October. Rafting on Dnister River canyons can take place from May to September.

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