Top Tennis Courts in Kyiv

Top Tennis Courts in Kyiv

Kyiv offers plenty of tennis courts—including professional, recreational and amateur grounds with various surfaces. Anyone can reserve a tennis court and enjoy a fun and exciting game. «Destinations» rounds up top tennis courts in Kyiv.

Nauka Sport Club (32, Vernadskoho street, Kyiv) is a major sport club of the city. Here you can find three terraflex tennis courts and six open clay courts. Courts at Nauka Sport Club hosted Kyiv Open Tennis Tournament as well as other international tournaments. The quality of the courts here is rather good. Their kids’ tennis academy accepts aspiring pros between the ages of six and 15. Despite its rather remote location (Svyatoshyno metro station) tennis courts at Nauka Sport Club are among the most popular in Kyiv so make sure to book your time at the club a few days in advance.
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Antey sport complex (8B, Vitruka street, Kyiv) offers eight outdoor clay courts and one indoor artificial surface court. Antey also has the team of professional coaches who will run you through tennis theory and techniques. Besides its courts, the club is mainly known for its children’s tennis school. Since this is a state-owned facility, these services are officially free, but one should expect to individually negotiate a price with the instructor.

There are also many outdoor clay courts at the stadiums around the city. The Central Tennis Court behind Olympic Stadium (50, Velyka Vasylkivska street, Olympic Stadium, Kyiv) has the biggest number of clay courts in the city (twelve clay courts and two with a rubber surface) and offers a good central location with lots of parking space.

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Dynamo Tennis Courts (1B Hrushevskoho, Dynamo Stadium, Kyiv) offer central location and top-notch facilities. To get yourself a place on the court, it’s better to book several days in advance. These are also one of the most expensive courts in the city.

The Kodokan tennis courts (3, Hrushevskoho, Dynamo Stadium, Kyiv) located across the street from Dynamo Stadium offer seven modern clay courts. This is also very popular sport club, so it is a good idea to book your time at the court several days in advance.

Korty na Podoli (Courts in Podil) is a good alternative to Dynamo Stadium courts. They have fairly central location and offer three covered and six open courts, all with clay surfaces.

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Sports complex Lyodoviy Stadium (Ice Stadium), located on 9, Prospect Hlushkova in Kyiv, offers ten outdoor rubber surface courts as well as a great variety of other sports activities such as hockey, football, basketball, paintball, carting, ping pong.

Fitness Center Olimp (11, Kulibina street, Kyiv) allows you to book a court any time of day. It has three indoor courts and six open clay courts. It also features one indoor court with parquet flooring. Here visitors can also hire a professional coach to master their tennis theory and techniques.
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As you can see, Kyiv offers a decent variety of places you can enjoy a good tennis game all year round. Kyiv is a huge city, and has many tennis courts in different districts. Almost every district of the city has at least one court worthwhile using. «Destinations» narrows down top tennis courts around Kyiv.
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