3 Ukrainian Murals in Top of the World

3 Ukrainian Murals in Top of the World

During last few years, street art movement has been rapidly evolving in Ukraine, and numerous artists have covered ordinary walls of city buildings with creative paintings. Nowadays, we can please our eyes with bright conceptual murals in many cities of Ukraine. This year, three of expressive artworks from Ukraine have been included into the annual Best Street Art 2017 list, developed by I Support Street Art project.

1. Mural by Kraser in Kyiv
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The name of the mural drawn in Kyiv by artist Kraser is called “Mente, cuerpo y alma” which is translated from Spanish as “Mind, body and soul”. Spanish artist Kraser, the author of many inspiring street artworks, lives and works in Milan, Italy. His wall painting in Ukrainian capital shows a thoughtful bear with human hands instead of paws and body covered with bright colors. The mural expresses a concept of endless battle of external and internal and also tells about human habit of labeling each other by external look, forgetting that really important things are always hidden inside. This painting was created in the frame of the Art United Us project. Those who want to see it need to go to Podil district of Kyiv to the address 44, Verkhniy Val street.
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2. Mural by JAZ in Kyiv
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The beautiful painting of two lionesses, drawn with mostly blue and green colors, was created in Kyiv by Argentinean artist Franco Fasoli (also known as JAZ). In his work, the painter shows a dialogue between two wild animals. The main idea of the painting is that communication can be done not only through voice and words, but also through ambience and invisible power of nature. You can find this amazing mural at the address 7b, Verbitskogo street in Darnitskiy district of Kyiv on the wall of Gymnasium No 267.
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3. Mural by M-city in Kharkiv
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This artwork by Polish artist M-City (Mariusz Waras) is the third Ukrainian mural included into the Best Street Art 2017 list. This black and white wall painting shows a symbolic man, who is an integral part of a big city, evolving and growing together with it. You can see this unique artwork in Kharkiv at the address 79, Plekhanovska street. The works of Mariusz Waras can also be found on the walls of buildings in Warsaw, Berlin, Paris, London, Budapest and many other cities.
We also recall that in November 2017 the new mural in Kyiv was included into 7 Best Murals of the Month list by Streetart.Today project.
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This artwork, called Rise Up in the Dirt, was drawn by New York painter BKFoxx on the police department in Pechersky district of Kyiv at the address 30, Moskovska street. Actually, it is the first mural in the world, drawn on a police office! On this piece of art, you can see hands of a man, helping a little flower to grow through the dirt and trash.
Discover the unusual beauty of urban art, looking at the best Ukrainian murals.
Photo source: Mural Social Club Facebook community, websites of artists mentioned above. All photos belong to their rightful owners.

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