‘Art Dynasty’ Exhibition in Kiev

‘Art Dynasty’ Exhibition in Kiev

Saint Sophia Cathedral is opening its doors to a new exhibition in Kiev: ‘Art Dynasty’ exhibition of works of famous Ukrainian artists Tiberiy and Ilona Szilvashi will be held on May 10-24, 2016.

The ‘Art Families’ project has been recently implemented with the initiative of Saint Sophia National Reserve and Light Art Foundation. This project aims to remind of high family values during these difficult times for Ukraine.

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‘Art Dynasty’ exhibition will continue this great project, displaying the works of renown Ukrainian artist Tiberiy Szilvashi and his daughter Ilona Szilvashi. “We have never made a show together, that is why one of the main and most important things within this exhibition is to see ourselves next to each other. The exhibition should show all our connections: internal and external, with an invisible dramatic line unifying our works. As long as these works have never been exhibited side by side, there is still a huge intrigue for both me and my father”, - said Ilona Szilvashi.
"Once read that Tiberiy Szilvashi is the color alchemist. And it's true: since 1970s he has been consistently changing the scheme of Soviet art and life in newly inhaled Ukrainian art. I think that his difficult creative way is a really good example for young talents”, - says Dmytro Struk, the curator of the exhibition.
Tiberiy and Ilona Szilvashi have presented their work at numerous national and international exhibitions. Their works are in public and private collections in Ukraine and all around the world.

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The ‘Art Dynasty’ exhibition in Kiev will last until May 24, 2016. Don’t miss the chance to get acquainted with this unexpected combination of works of famous Szilvashi artistic family!
When: May 10, 2016, 6pm
Where: ‘Khlybnya’ Exhibition Hall, Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kiev (23 Volodymyrska str., Kiev)

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