Art Exhibitions in July 2017 in Kyiv

Art Exhibitions in July 2017 in Kyiv

This summer, Kyiv art scene delights us with a plenty of various interesting events. Many talented artists are ready to present their bright works of different genres and styles to the wide audience. Beautiful paintings and installations will definitely become a pleasure for the eye. Let`s take a look at the list of the most exciting art exhibitions of July 2017 in Kyiv.

“Leto. Insight” exhibition of Yuriy Shapoval

Yuriy Shapoval, a young painter from Poltava, is the author of all works on “Leto. Insight” (“Summer. Insight”) exhibition. He got his inspiration from the most beautiful cities of Europe and Ukraine. The exhibition paintings offer visitors to turn off their rational mind and to start enjoying moments: a fresh autumn morning in Venice, a cheerful cold winter sunrise in Poltava, and, of course, tender summer sunbeams in different European and Ukrainian cities. Yuriy Shapoval prefers plein-air painting, which helps to reflect changing of colors and light in his works. The painter admits that this technique is quite difficult, since it allows to work only few hours a day, but he enjoys it anyway.
Where: 14, Kiltseva road, Lera Litvinova gallery
When: 5 July-20 August 2017. Open 11:00-19:00 on working days, 11:00-16:00 on weekends.
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“Bez Nazvaniya” exhibition of Evgeniy Samborsky

Evgeniy Samborsky is a young Ukrainian painter, who has already twice become a Gaude Polonia grant-holder and has won MUKHi 2012 and OpenCall 2017 contests. This July, Evgeniy presents his new exhibition called “Bez Nazvaniya” (“Without Name”), which includes a series of new interesting paintings and installations. This works, full of laconic minimalism, reflect the search for inner self and attempts to get rid of other people`s opinions and ideas. That is why Evgeniy Samborsky has left his new project unnamed. The exhibition visitors have to decide everything by themselves.
Where: 22a, Andriyivsky Descent, “Karas`” gallery.
When: 1-11 July 2017 Open 11:00-19:00 every day except Sunday.
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Alla Volobuyeva Chinese-inspired paintings

The works of Alla Volobuyeva will take you to the beautiful cities of China. The unique technique and bright colors used by the author are really impressive. The exhibition called “The Way, or a trip through Celestial Empire” presents completely new paintings of Alla. They show light haze, rain and midday heat – that is what the painter saw in mysterious China. Alla Volobuyeva visited China twice, and both her trips were dedicated to search of self-knowledge. She especially liked beautiful Suzhou city. Alla Volobuyeva uses special acrylic underlays, which are covered with oil colors. Her individual style is easily recognizable by many lovers of art.
Where: 2, Obukhivske high road, “Manufactura” gallery.
When: 26 May-14 July 2017. Open 11:00-21:00.
“Kanikuly” exhibition in Museum of Modern Art of Ukraine

In “Kanikuly” (“Holidays”) exhibition paintings, the authors show beautiful places that they had visited, express their views and ideas. The exposition keeps to light bright colors, typical for summertime. The exhibition includes 100 thematic works, created by 80 Ukrainian artists such as Bernadsky, Volobuyev, Gerz, Geiko, Kotkov, Neledva, Safargalin, Maximenko, Sleshinsky, Selsky, Titko, Cvetkova and others. The exposition presents works of both famous and less-known artists. Museum of Modern Art of Ukraine collection includes works which are unknown to the wide audience as well as well-known works, which look in a new way in the frame of exhibition concept.
Where: 41, Kirillovska street, Museum of Modern Art of Ukraine
When: 1 June-3 September 2017. Open 11:00-19:00, Monday is a day off.
“Raskhozhdeniye Realnosti” exhibition of Sergiy Lutsenko

Sergiy Lutsenko, a young Ukrainian painter, is already well-known in the art world. This summer, Sergiy presents his new exhibition called “Raskhozhdeniye Realnosti” ("Divergence of Reality"). The artist is appreciated for his experiments with various painting styles such as realism, impressionism, surrealism, symbolism, abstractionism and other. Characters and symbols on Sergiy`s works make think about endless choices which we make in our lives. Besides that, the painter expresses the idea of how fast time is passing by and how important is to be able to enjoy little moments of life. Sergiy Lutsenko is also concerned about harm done to nature by the human kind. The paintings of the young artist reflect the sad idea that people tend to destroy all the beauty on Earth.
Where: 2, Obukhivske high road, “Manufactura” gallery.
When: 15 July-15 September 2017. Open 11:00-21:00 daily.
Amuse your eyes and soul with new interesting art projects at art exhibitions in July 2017 in Kyiv.
Photo source: websites of events and locations mentioned above. All photos belong to their rightful owners.

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