Art Museums in Kyiv

Art Museums in Kyiv

Leaving behind mundane thinks and immerse into atmosphere where art speaks out is always a good idea. Art museums in Kyiv demonstrate valuable collections of masterpieces from homeland and from other countries to take you back into the centuries and return recreated and inspired.

State museum of Ukrainian Decorative Folk Art

State museum of Ukrainian Decorative Folk Art keeps all that Ukrainian flavour and traditions. Every single exhibit item makes you slow down taking a closer look at the masterpieces. The collection of the museum was open to visitors in 1899 and now it is 1500 square kilometres of Ukrainian culture presented in more than 75 thousand art pieces of traditional folk art dating from XV century till present days. Sets of traditional Ukrainian clothes, women necklaces, XVIII-XIX centuries cossacks’ smoking pipes, woven beltings of XVIII century, wooden carved cross make rich collection of the museum. Works of famous Ukrainian painter Kateryna Bilokur take the separate hall, no wonder masterpiece of the artist belong to the treasury of the world art! Among all art museums in Kyiv the Museum of Ukrainian Folk Art demonstrate exceptionally Ukrainian culture and traditions.
Address: 9 Lavrska Street
Kyiv Picture gallery national museum

Kyiv Picture gallery national museum was originated in 1922 under the name of Kyiv picture gallery and held about 200 art works of mostly Russian artists. Later in 1936 it was used as a reason to rename the gallery Kyiv national museum of Russian art. At that time the museum kept valuable collections of Old East Slavic icons, but the War stroke and lots of art pieces were lost. Museums from Moscow, Leningrad (St. Petersburg) and Belarus made their contribution to restore the art of the national museum. Today the collection of the museum totals more than 12 thousand exhibit items and it is again bear its primary name. In Kyiv picture gallery national museum art lovers can admire Portrait of Ukrainian boy by Nicolai Ge, In the wild north by Ivan Shishkin, Ukrainian peasant house by Ilya Repin, exhibits of sculpture, applied arts, icons of XIII-XVII century.
Address: 9 Tereshchenkivska Street
Kyiv Museum of Western and Oriental Art

Kyiv Museum of Western and Oriental Art, also known as the Khanenko museum is a neighbour of previous art spot. It is the Baroque style museum that keeps the most significant collection of foreign art in Ukraine. The founder of the museum Bohdan Khanenko was a true enthusiast of art collecting unique objects for 40 years. Soon the passion resulted in opening a museum that now keeps expositions of Italian and Spanish artists, engravings of Japan, hot wax painted icons of VI – XVII centuries and other masterpieces that make the museum famous far beyond the borders of Ukraine.
Address: 17, Tereshchenkivska Street,
National Art Museum of Ukraine
One more place where art concentrates is National Art Museum of Ukraine. Neoclassical style building holds significant collection of oil paintings, sculpture and graphic art of Ukraine dating from XII century till present days. It is one of the biggest and oldest art museums in Kyiv keeping one of the best collections of icon-painting and cossacks’ portraits. Bohdan Khmelnytsky Entering Kyiv huge painting by Ukrainian painter Mykola Ivasiuk catches the eye the most while strolling through the halls of the place. Exhibit items of Ukrainian avant-garde, totalitarian period paintings, modern oil paintings and other masterpieces number 40 000 art pieces of the museum.
Address: 6 Hrushevskoho Street
Museum of Modern Art of Ukraine

Museum of Modern Art of Ukraine is the first private museum of modern art in Ukraine that takes the mission to preserve and promote Ukrainian art of XX-XXI century. The museum itself is a picture depicting Ukrainian art development of XIX – XX century. Patron of Arts Serhiy Tsiupka originated the museum and made his art contribution that he started collected 20 years ago. Works of painters from almost all regions of Ukraine are presented here. The museum was opened in 2005, 12 years past and the visitors can look at more than five thousand art works of more than 700 artists.
Address: 41 Kyrylivska Street
Make a day to be captured by everlasting art that Art museums in Kyiv demonstrate.
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