Best Galleries in Kyiv

Best Galleries in Kyiv

Apart from places for contemplating art, Kyiv offers plenty of spaces with an additional ‘take-away’ option. With numerous small independent spaces and a dozen of already renowned galleries, the emerging Ukrainian art market is continuing to grow. Check out the best galleries in Kyiv to enjoy and buy art.

Shcherbenko Art Centre

Photo: Shcherbenko Art Centre

Since 2008, when Bottega Gallery that has been reorganized into Shcherbenko Art Centre was founded, more than 100 projects have been presented including personal and group exhibitions, educational and experimental projects. Bottega Gallery cooperates not only with well-known artists but also actively supports young Ukrainian artists. In particular contest MUHi gives young talented people an opportunity to make themselves known. Today former MUHi competitors are nominated for numerous international and national awards, take part in different residents, receive scholarships of various programs abroad.Developing inter-institutional cooperation is also a prior activity of Shcherbenko Art Centre. Participating in GOGOLFEST festival, Art Kyiv Contemporary at Art Arsenal, cooperating with Cultural Project, Czech Centre and Book Bureau reflects gallery's openness and desire to contribute to successful development of Ukrainian culture.

Address: 22-V Mykhaylivska str., Kyiv

Dymchuk Gallery

Photo: Dymchuk Gallery Official Facebook page
Founded in 2008, Dymchuk Gallery constantly runs various projects in Kyiv and Odessa, the most successful among which are RESTART ODESSA, RESTART KYIV, Star Wars and Save the President. The gallery participated in numerous international art fairs and forums: KUNSTART 2009, ART KYIV Contemporary 2009-2012, ARSENALE 2012, Berliner Liste 2013, VOLTA 10, KOLNER LISTE 2015.
Dymchuk Gallery’s mission is to promote Ukrainian contemporary art market by organizing exhibitions, presentations, participating in auctions and art fairs in Ukraine and worldwide. Moreover, it is enthusiastically involved in educational activities. Gallery publishes exhibition catalogues, booklets and books, delivers lectures, conducts workshops and literary evenings as well as artist talks to provide deeper understanding of contemporary art.
Address: 21 Yaroslavska str., Kyiv

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Mystetska Zbirka

Photo: Mystetska Zbirka Official Facebook page
Founded by a young couple, Mystetska Zbirka gallery was opened in 2006, when the Ukrainian art market was only beginning to emerge. Displaying classical painters at first, the gallery’s owners developed interest in Modern Art later on. Understanding that it is impossible to squeeze creative work into the certain framework, the gallerists work with the maitres of Ukrainian art and open new names. Classic and Modern Art is exposed here, placing experiment and tradition next to each other. Organizing a new exhibition each month, the gallery is not just a display area, it is also a meeting point for those interested in art, a place to get acquainted and to exchange ideas. The gallery’s mission is to inspire, to show new borders of the world and simply to give pleasure.
Address: 13-A Tereshchenkivska str., Kyiv

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Photo: Kyiv.FineArt Official Webpage
Kyiv.FineArt gallery concentrates on contemporary art, representing recognized by the international community Ukrainian artists as well as discovering new names and promoting young emerging talents. Kyiv.FineArt concept implies that a work of art, in addition to its artistic value, has a certain price at the art market, determined by its artistic value. The gallery works with such famous Ukrainian artists as Arsen Savadov, Vasil Tsaholov, Olexandr Gnilitskiy, Illya Chichkan, Volodymyr Kozhukhar, Zhanna Kadyrova, Nikita Kadan, Ksenia Gnilytska and others. In its exhibition activity Kyiv.FineArt always tries to keep the balance between commercial benefits and cultural side of things.
Address: 5 Darvina str., Kyiv

These best galleries in Kyiv constantly claim their high status. All of them represent famous Ukrainian artists, as well as support the young emerging ones, and dedicate their work to promotion of Ukrainian contemporary art abroad with participating in international art fairs all across the world.


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