Best Singers in Ukraine

Best Singers in Ukraine

Since the old times Ukrainians are well known for their deep love to expressing feelings and emotions through music. Ukraine gave birth to many talented singers and musicians, who are highly appreciated and famous not only in their homeland, but also abroad. Check out the names and biographies of the best singers in Ukraine, whose melodious voices and bright performances have won hearts of thousands music fans in Ukraine and foreign countries.


Ruslana Lyzhychko, born on May 24, 1973 in Lviv, has been in love with music since her childhood. In 1998, the pop singer released her first album “Dzvinky Viter” (“Ringing Wind”), which received positive feedback of musical critics. Few years later, Ruslana began to experiment with authentic Huzul melodies and traditional Ukrainian instruments, combining their unique sound with modern dance rhythms. In 2003, famous Ruslana`s “Wild Dances” album was released and 500 000 copies were sold. In 2004, Ruslana presented Ukraine on Eurovision song contest with her “Wild Dances” hit, and got resounding victory. In 2008, the singer released her new studio album called “Amazonka” (“Amazon”) along with “Wild Energy” English-language album, including tracks featuring world-famous stars such as Missy Elliott and T-Pain. In 2017, after a long break, Ruslana came back with the new powerful song and video about love and faith called “It's Magical” (“Ya Lublyu” in Ukrainian version). Undoubtedly, charismatic Ruslana is on the top of the best singers in Ukraine list.
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When we talk about the best singers in Ukraine, we instantly remember Jamala. The singer, whose real name is Susana Jamaladinovama, was born in Osh, Kyrgyzstan, on August 27, 1983. This talented Ukrainian artist with Crimean Tatarian and Armenian roots spent her childhood in currently occupied Crimea, Ukraine. Musical career of Jamala started in 2001, and since then she has released three studio records, one concert album and two mini-albums. Music style of the singer is a mix of jazz, soul, funk, pop and electro. She regularly takes part in opera performances and various shows. Jamala`s lyrics are written in four languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English and Crimean Tatarian. In 2016, Jamala won Eurovision song contest in Stockholm with her song “1944”, dedicated to the tragic events that took place in the days of deporting Crimean Tatars from their homeland by Soviet regime.
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Dmitro Monatik, born on April 1, 1986 in Lutsk, Ukraine, is a modern Ukrainian singer, composer and dancer, working under the pseudonym Monatik. In his music, Monatik unites such styles as pop, funk and R&B. Dmitro has been a fan of music and brake dance since his childhood. In 2003, Monatik became a student of Law faculty, but he never forgot his love to dancing and music. He took part in “Star Factory 2” contest, and after that was invited to work in Kyiv by the well known singer Natalia Mogylevska. In 2009, Monatik established his first band called “Monatique” and begin to work in clubs, performing his own songs. In 2010, the singer took part in “X-Factor” show and was highly appreciated by viewers. In 2011, Monatik released two videos, which gained wide popularity on YouTube in the shortest terms. The success inspired artist to record his first album “S.D.D” in 2013. His second album “Zvuchit” (“It Sounds”) was released in 2016, followed by premieres of four videos, including “Son” (“Dream”) video featuring rap artist L’One.

Pianoboy is a solo project of well-known Ukrainian musician Dmitro Shurov. In the frame of this project, Dmitro creates indie rock and pop music with lyrics in Ukrainian, Russian and English languages. Dmitro Shurov, born on October 31, 1981 in Vinnytsia, became popular as a keyboard player of legendary Ukrainian band “Okean Elzy”. He joined the band in 2000 and then worked with “Okean Elzy” during 4 years. After leaving the band, Dmitro continued his musical career in “Esthetic Education” band, and also as a co-producer of the album of famous Russian singer Zemfira. In 2010, Dmitro Shurov established Pianoboy project, and in 2012 released the first album called “Prostyye Veschi” (“Simple things”). It was followed by the second album “Ne Prekrashay Mechtat`” (“Don`t stop dreaming”) in 2013 and “Take Off” album in 2015. After release of the third album, Pianoboy went touring throughout Ukraine. In 2017, Dmitro became a member of jury at “X-Factor 8” show.
Delight your soul with fascinating music and lyrics written by the best singers in Ukraine.
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