«Carpet. Modern Ukrainian artists» Lviv Art Exhibition

«Carpet. Modern Ukrainian artists» Lviv Art Exhibition

This ambitious project brings together about two dozens of Ukrainian artists. Each of them will be showcasing their vision of traditional art in the modern world.

The idea of the "Carpet. Modern Ukrainian artists» project is to combine traditional and modern art, actualize ethnic culture and provide more "popular" meaning to the actual art. As woven rug canvas which contains details from different semantic contents and in which there are always two sides - facial and reverse - contemporary art reflects various components of reality, i.e., the aesthetic and ideological, positive and negative, facial and reverse.

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Top themes of life and death, happiness and sorrow are all encoded in carpets’ patterns.
The exhibition will feature paintings, sculpture, installations and video art. Roman Minin, Nazar Bilyk, Stepan Ryabchenko, Artem Volokytin Tatyana Malinovskaya, Alex Zolotarev Andrey Sidorenko, all well known names in contemporary Ukrainian art world.

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One of the significant features of the project is that it started as private collection. Now «Carpet» has grown into a major contemporary art project and will travel from Lviv to Kharkiv and then to other Ukrainian cities. In each city the collection will be expanded as new works will be added by new authors, including the ones of local artists.

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"Carpet. Modern Ukrainian artists» project has started on April 8 in Tatariv, Ivano-Frankivsk region, in the art space of Zenko Foundation in the hotel complex «Koruna».
Currently this exhibition is showcased at Lviv Palace of Arts and will remain here until July 26th. Kharkiv and Kiev are announced to be the next cities to exhibit "Carpet. Modern Ukrainian artists».
When: June 26th - July 27, 2016
Where: Lviv Palace of Arts, 17, Copernicus str.

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