Famous Ukrainian Art: Modern Artists

Famous Ukrainian Art: Modern Artists

Ukrainian art is famous for such names like Kateryna Bilokur, Mariya Prymachenko and Ilyia Repin who created amazing works in the traditional and folk styles. However, modern art in Ukraine also has its big stars, whose masterpieces are sold in the best auctions, take part in international biennales and are shown in the leading European galleries. Let`s dive into the magic world of modern Ukrainian art and learn about its most eminent personalities.

Anatoliy Krivolap
Anatoliy Krivolap, who gained wide popularity in 1990s, nowadays is one of the most famous and good-selling Ukrainian painters. He has been working hard to achieve the perfect technique of “clear colors and harmonic combinations” since 1970s. On Anatoliy`s paintings, we see impressive warm sunsets, mysterious silhouettes of animals and people, houses and shades of trees. His works are highly appreciated by many authoritative collectors – some of them already own more than 50 Anatoliy`s masterpieces. The paintings created by Krivolap are sold for the high prices on the leading world`s auctions and are shown in almost all Ukrainian museums and galleries. His work called “Night. Horse” sold for $124 343 was listed in TOP 10 of the most expensive lots of Phillips de Pury & Co. The prices of Anatoliy Krivolap paintings grow up every year, and some experts have the opinion that in five years a painting of Ukrainian artist will cost around half million USD.
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Ivan Marchuk
Ivan Marchuk was born in a poor peasant family in Ternopil` oblast`. His desire to paint started from childhood – young Ivan was painting always and everywhere. In painting school, Ivan was a big fan of Shishkin`s works. He spent long hours in a forest, creating sketches and looking for inspiration. The artist came to understanding that beauty was everywhere – all you had to do was just to see it. Nowadays, Ivan Marchuk is a very popular Ukrainian painter who has already created more than 5000 works. All works of the artist are divided into 12 cycles (“Voice of my Soul”, “Blooming” and other). The artist is a laureate of the National Taras Shevchenko award. In 2007, Ivan was included to the list of 100 outstanding geniuses of modernity by “The Daily Telegraph” British magazine. His unbelievably beautiful and mysterious paintings consist of thousands interlacing lines, creating master`s authentic style that he calls “plyontanism” – by analogy with the Ukrainian verb “plesty” (to braid).
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Alexander Roitburd
Alexander Roitburd is a well-known Ukrainian painter born in Odesa. He has participated in more than 100 exhibitions and art projects, and also has worked as the director of Marat Gelman gallery in Kyiv. His works are presented in Treatyakovska gallery in Moscow, in Russian museum of Saints Petersburg, in different galleries of Ukraine, Slovenia, the USA, in numerous private and public collections. Besides, Alexander Roitburd has taken part in Venetian biennale and “Document” congress. The list of the painter`s most successful and expensive works includes “Geishas” ($20 641), "Goodbye Caravaggio"($97 179) and “Escape to Egypt” ($57 700).
Evgeniya Gapchynska
Evgeniya Gapchynska is a modern Ukrainian painter, also famous as an illustrator of books for children. Light, positive and tender paintings with kids, cats and lovely angels created by Evgeniya are highly appreciated at the art exhibitions, museums and private collections all around the world. The artist has her own “Happiness Galleries” in many big cities such as Kyiv, Dnipro, Odesa. Lots of painters, inspired by Evgeniya, create copies of her paintings and their own works in “Gapchynska style”. The price for an original painting of Gapchynska varies from USD 10 000 to 40 000. Evgeniya Gapchynska is especially well-known for such works as “Nerd in love”, “Watermelon”, “You and me”.
Oksana Mas`
The first exposition of a young Ukrainian artist Oksana Mas’ took place in 1995 in Kyiv in the United Nations Organization exhibition hall. By 2018, Oksana can boast more than 80 personal exhibitions presented not only in Ukraine but also in museums and galleries of Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Switzerland and the USA. The works of Oksana Mas’ are shown on art fairs and sold on auctions such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s. Her installations “Altar of Nations” and “Quantum Prayer” were presented on the 54th and 55th Venetian biennales. Oksana has cooperated with Opera Gallery, Aidan Gallery; has participated in Art Basel Miami, Armory Show NY, Fiac (Paris), Arco (Spain), Art Karlsruhe, Art Dubai, Art Moscow etc. Her works can be seen in the most prestigious world`s collections. In autumn 2017, Oksana presented “Spiritual Cities” exhibition consisting of approximately 150 works. The presentation was held in Milan (Italy).
Looking at paintings of the above-mentioned artists, we can surely conclude: modern Ukrainian art culture hides many wonders and much beauty to discover.
Photo source: websites of artists mentioned above. All photos belong to their rightful owners.

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