Ivan Marchuk Exhibition in Kiev

Ivan Marchuk Exhibition in Kiev

Kiev will celebrate the summer with a large-scale exhibition of Ivan Marchuk, an outstanding Ukrainian artist. A personal exhibition "The Roots" by one of the most famous contemporary Ukrainian artists Ivan Marchuk, whose name is among Britain’s Top 100 living geniuses, opens on May 29 at 19.00 in TSUM (Kiev, Khreshchatyk, 38, 7th floor).

The project includes forty canvases of five (out of 12) artist’s cycles – starting from the philosophical perceptive "Voice of My Soul" and hyper-realistic landscapes to the exquisite paintings of the "Tired Melody" series (the art works were created in the 1970s, and are exhibited for the first time) and the surreal cosmism "Look into Infinity". Also, the visitors will see artist's new monumental cycle "Color Preludes" (10 canvases).
The exhibition lasts until June 27, entrance is free of charge.
The project is organized by Sky Art Foundation. Partners - TSUM and Business Gallery Ukraine.
A significant part of the exhibited collection consists of artworks that have traveled the world over the past few years and were shown in famous museums and galleries of Lithuania, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Luxembourg, Hungary, Thailand, Tunisia, Jordan, Turkey.
"I like improvisation and my pieces have been finished to a micron. I’m like a musician, who wrote a song that needed to be arranged and polished. When somebody is telling me that the artwork is ready I usually explain that only two thousand needs to be added to the I'm looking for excellence, and if I do not reach it I feel uncomfortable. I’m creating my painting very quickly, dozens of strokes per second. I’m usually working in the extreme ecstasy. Only in this condition I manage to create my trademark pieces that anybody knows it’s my artwork,” says Ivan Marchuk.
"It's a great honor for the Sky Art Foundation to work with a high scale artist like Marchuk. In fact, the "Roots" is the quintessence of his work, which gives you both – the possibility to get acquainted with the author's diverse pieces, and also explains the depth and importance of Marchuk’s work in terms of artistic and philosophical development worldwide," comments Julia Ostrovska, the GM of Sky Art Foundation.
About the artist:
Ivan Marchuk and his works are etched into the history of Ukrainian art. However, long periods of depression and soviet bating came before international recognition. Marchuk continued his artistic experiments despite being rejected by the Soviet system. He was never part of the official Soviet art scene. Only his strong desire to dream and create saved Marchuk.
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In the late 1980s he emigrated to Australia, then travelled to Canada and the USA. But, he was always drawn back to his native land.
In October 2007, Marchuk was included in Britain’s list of “top 100 living geniuses”, drawn up by the Daily Telegraph. The International Academy of Modern Art in Rome admitted Ivan Marchuk to the Golden Guild and elected him Honorary Member of the Academy’s Scientific Council (the Golden Guild includes 51 artists from around the world).
Sky Art Foundation is a charity fund that was established in Ukraine in autumn 2014 by patron Dmytro Palienko.
The organization aims to support the new generation of Ukrainian contemporary artists. Sky Art Foundation contributes to the international cultural exchange and Ukraine's cultural integration into the world art scene. The fund pursues an active exhibiting strategy revolving around its own art space Sky Art Foundation. It also is an active charity that organizes international art projects and cultural events that involve Ukrainian artists.


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