IZOLYATSIA Art Space in Kiev

IZOLYATSIA Art Space in Kiev

Gearing art, education and projects implementation, the platform for cultural initiatives IZOLYATSIA expands the list of things to do in Kiev, activating Ukraine’s creative sector.

Photo: IZOLYATSIA (in Kiev)

The historical genesis of the ‘Izolyatsia’ plant dates back to 1955, when a plant for the production of raw mineral cotton was built on the outskirts of Donetsk. Many years after the plant was closed, in 2010, a platform for cultural initiatives was created there to revitalize the forgotten building. On June 9, 2014, the mercenaries of the self-proclaimed ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’, in order to facilitate ‘humanitarian aid’ arriving from Russia, seized the IZOLYATSIA complex. Since that time, the territory of the celebrated cultural foundation has been used to provide a base for training combatants affiliated to the ‘DPR’ forces, whilst also functioning as a detention center. IZOLYATSIA’s offices, galleries and art spaces have been looted for materials and equipment. The foundation has evacuated its team and since then it continues to perform its mission in Kiev. IZOLYATSIA's doors in Donetsk still remain close.

Photo: IZOLYATSIA (in Donetsk)
IZOLYATSIA in Kiev is a non-profit non-governmental foundation for contemporary culture and creative initiatives. It is a multidisciplinary cultural project open to all genres of creative expression. It is a point of intersection for all those passionate about cultural and social change, using culture as an instrument. The foundation continues to present cultural projects and support socially active artists and creative producers in Kiev, throughout Ukraine, and worldwide. It serves as a resource for international curators, scholars, artists and ambassadors, also functioning as an artistic space for events and expositions, making an emphasis on the role of culture amidst conflict.
Besides supporting emerging Ukrainian artists, IZOLYATSIA serves its local community by bringing various international art practitioners who create site-specific works in dialogue with the local communities and IZOLYATSIA’s narrative and architectural history.

8 Naberezhno-Luhova str., Kiev


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