Korners Art Exhibition and Auction in Kyiv

Korners Art Exhibition and Auction in Kyiv

The 30th, jubilee pre-auction “Korners” exhibition will be opened on April, 4th at 19.00 in D12 Art Hall in Kyiv. The auction will be held on Aprill, 11th at 19.30 and will be devoted to the art of the XX century: from realism and avant-garde to propaganda art and non-conformism.

There are 135 lots in the collection with start prices from USD 100 to 10 000.
The artists which will be presented on the auction:
- avant-garde of the beginning of XX century – Peter Konchalovsky and Vasiliy Yermilov;
- soviet period mainstream – Mykola Glushchenko, Kostiantyn Lomykin, Mykhailo Bozhiy, Victor Shatalin, Andriy Kotska, Tatiana Golembiyevska, George Yakutovych, Oleksiy Shovkunenko;
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- non-conformism and unofficial art – Vudon Beklytskiy, Yuriy Kovalenko, Zoya Lerman, Ivan Ostafiychuk, Viktor Ruzhykh, Ruslan Sayenko, Mykhailo Vainshteine, Pavlo Bedzir, Yelizaveta Kremnytska, Yevgen Svitlychnyi;
- artist-emigrants – Mykola Krychevsky, Leonid Geshtoff, Mikhail Shemiakin, Robert Pykelny, Maria Lagorio;
- foreign famous artists – Salvador Dali, Henry Matisse, Tamara de Lempicka.
For the first time in Ukrainian auction artworks of Sonia Delaunay will be exhibited. She is world famous artist born in Ukraine but unfortunately, there are no her works in state Ukrainian museums.
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Please be welcome at the exhibition and the auction which will be held in D12 Art Hall on 12, Desiatynna street, Kyiv.
Photos: depositphotos.com

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