Kyiv Art Exhibitions in March

Kyiv Art Exhibitions in March

«Destinations» rounds up the most interesting art exhibitions to attend in Kyiv this spring. From Ukrainian classicism to exhibitions of the most popular contemporary artists, March in the capital of Ukraine offers a wide array of interesting art events to attend.

Vlada Ralko at Voloshyn Gallery

Voloshyn Gallery is proud to present The Imminent Amongst Forgotten solo show of the renowned artist Vlada Ralko, showcasing her works of different periods. The exhibition features works of Signs, Reality Envy and Twins series, as well as canvases that don’t belong to any particular series.
Vlada Ralko was born in 1969 in Kyiv. She graduated from the T.H. Shevchenko Republican Comprehensive Art School in 1987, and from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (the workshop of Professor V.Shatalin) in 1994. A member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine since 1994. Ralko’s works are extensively exhibited both in Ukraine and abroad. Lives and works in Kyiv.

The show’s exposition is laconic, and Vlada Ralko’s works are not meant to entertain. Almost all works are created in an expressive, high-contrast, saturated palette and represent deformed chunks of female bodies with hypertrophied sexual characteristics; they are often so misshapen that a human figure morphs into abstract blots, the bloody pulp of exquisite expansive brushwork. Ralko paints a lot and doesn’t give her viewers much thought, but their reaction remains symptomatic of an entire range of post-Soviet problems of self-identification (the material that the artist works with, and that became unprecedentedly topical during the Russo-Ukrainian conflict). Ralko is one of the strongest artists in contemporary Ukrainian history.
When: March 15th - 26th, 2016
Where: 13, Tereschenkivska street, Kyiv. Entrance Arch, 2nd Yard.
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Tetyana Yablonska at National Art Museum

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National Art Museum in Kyiv presents the exhibition dedicated to celebrated Ukrainian artist Tetyana Yablonska. Tetyana Yablonska (1917 – 2005) is one of the most famous Ukrainian painters. Her early works are devoted to everyday life of Ukrainian people. She has passed to generalizing images of nature, differing a subtlety of plastic and color rhythms. She worked very productively until the very end of her life, reportedly painting her last pastel etude on the very day of her death.

Yablonska was awarded the honorary title "Peoples' Artists of the USSR" in 1982, "Artist of Year" (UNESCO) in 1997, "Woman of Year" (International Biography Centre, Cambridge) in 2000. She was the winner of the USSR State Prize (Stalin prize: 1949, 1951 and State Prize: 1979), and winner of the Shevchenko state prize of Ukraine (1998). Her works were showcased at the exhibitions in London, Paris and Venice Biennale.
When: till April 23rd, 2017.
Where: National Art Museum. 6, Mykhaila Hrushevskoho Street, Kyiv.

Matsenko, Minin, Tistol at Art Ukraine Gallery

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Art Ukraine Gallery presents the unique Ukrainian contemporary art exhibition which is a collaboration of three well known artists Oleg Tistol, Mykola Matsenko and Roman Minin. All three artists work in different styles. Oleg Tistol is a representative of the Ukrainian new wave art, Mykola Matsenko is a master of Ukrainian neo-folk movement and Roman Minin is considered to be the most successful young artist of Ukraine. Artists have created the prototype of the ideal art museum, which is something more complex than just a location for showcasing artwork. The perfect art museum should be a platform for discussion and creating of new ideas in contemporary art.
When: till March 26th, 2017.
Where: Art Ukraine Gallery. 9А, Mykhaila Hrushevskoho Street, Kyiv.

LOVE. Contemporary at Museum of Kyiv History

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LOVE. Contemporary is another major art project by Zenko Foundation, which stands behind one of the biggest and the most successful art projects in Ukrainian history - «Kylym» (The Carpet). This time Zenko Foundation brings together 15 Ukrainian artist-couples offering them to express their feelings and thoughts on love and how they see it on canvas or any other form of art they are working in. The exhibition showcases art pieces by such well known Ukrainian artists as Illya Chichkan and Masha Shubina, Dariya Koltsova and Roman Mykhayliv, Oleg Tistol and Maryna Skugareva, Ruslan and Emma Tremba, Synchrodogs, Artem Volokitin and Tatiana Malinivskaya.
When: March 2nd - 16th, 2017
Where: Bohdana Khmel'nyts'koho St, 7, Kyiv. Museum of Kyiv History.
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Vasyl’ Bazhay at Shcherbenko Art Centre

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“The new ‘Untitled’ project by Vasyl Bazhay consists of two principal parts. The first is represented by large-format canvases, which, in artist’s characteristic manner, invites us to a specific intellectual journey through the landscape of shapes, colors and textures on the canvas. The canvases by themselves are a representation of classical painting as media, art for art’s sake, without any regard to whether we understand it or not. This is painting by itself (being-in-itself) and the artist is not interested in its mimetic component.

The second part of the project is an installation. The object, which designs and concentrates the exposition around itself, is the essence of painting, torn out from the depths, where there is no areal imagery, where nothing is subject to analysis and rationality, where everything is reigned by the potency of the unconscious. The simplicity of the installation recalls a sense of artist’s naivety. It happens due to author’s clever game with categories and hopes, which the viewer tries to see within the exhibition. Little by little, we become participants of Bazhay’s game with the audience.
When: till April 1st, 2017.
Where: Mykhaylivs’ka str., 22b, Kyiv. Shcherbenko Art Centre
Photo source: Voloshyn Gallery web page, Shcherbenko Art Centre web page, Art Ukraine Gallery web page, Museum of Kyiv History Facebook Page, All photos belong to their rightful owners. 

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