«Lviv: Allies» Exhibition at Kyiv National Art Museum

«Lviv: Allies» Exhibition at Kyiv National Art Museum

Kyiv National Art Museum presents «Lviv: Allies» exposition. The exposition is curated by young Ukrainian artists Stanislav Silantyev and Halyna Khorunzha, the founders of «Jean Jaurès First Proletarian Reserve» creative association.

Through archival encyclopedic and interactive approach the project depicts the dynamics of the formation and socio-cultural relations in Lviv and Western Ukraine in 1940-1980 years against the backdrop of post-war industrialization, rebuilding the city as important components belated scientific and technological revolution.
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The exhibition will present the archival materials on the history of the city, including Lviv products factories and enterprises iconic works of artists including Michael Dobronravov, Rostislav Silvestrov, Alexander Aksinin, John Frank, Galina Zhehulska, Nicholas Kumanovskyy, Yuri Scherbatenko.

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The exhibition will be shown in three exhibition halls and will last until June 18.
Opening: May 5, at 19:00.
Address: 6, Hrushevskoho street, Kyiv National Art Museum. More information www.namu.kiev.ua
Photo source: Kyiv National Art Museum PR Department, photo-lviv.in.ua

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