Lviv Art Exhibitions to Visit till the End of the Year

Lviv Art Exhibitions to Visit till the End of the Year

Late fall and winter is a great time to attend various art galleries and museums in Ukraine. Interesting Ukrainian and international artists and new art venues - the end of the year brings many art events to Lviv.

Exhibition dedicated to Mariya Zan’kovetska Drama Theater 100th Anniversary

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An exhibition on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the theater will allow you to look backstage of the theatrical process, as well as explore the milestones of the creative activity of one of the country's oldest theatrical groups and its leading artists.
The original documents related to the history of the theater since its foundation, photo and video documents, scenographic layouts, original costumes from the first plays performed on the theater’s stage in the beginning of the 20th century are among the exhibits.
The rare exhibits were donated by the Museum of theatrical, musical and cinema art of Ukraine. This oldest Ukrainian theater museum, in cooperation with Zan’kovetska Theater, has created an exhibition space that reveals the history of Ukrainian theater unknown to the general public in time and space.
During the exhibition visitors are invited to attend different lectures, exclusive excursions with the participation of famous personalities of theater art of Ukraine, evenings of theater plays as well as a special program for children and teenagers.
Address: 20, Svobody Avenue, Lviv. The Andrey Sheptytsky National Museum in Lviv. Till December 6th, 2017.
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Sculptures by Andrzej Renez

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The special opening of the exhibition is waiting for all the visitors on November 15, 2017 in Lviv National Art Gallery. On first day of the exhibition, the famous sculptor Andrzej Renez will create sketches and drawings for musical accompaniment using modern graphic techniques as well as multimedia. The graphic recording of musical impressions will appear on the screen, creating an unusual performance of the picture and sound along with the concert.

The exhibition of sculptures will be very short in Lviv, only four days. Within the framework of the exposition different projects will be presented. The following ones are among them: monuments and statues of famous personalities of Polish culture, such as Frederic Chopin, Mikhail Kleofas Oginsky, Cardinal Stefan Vyshinsky, Petr Skarga and Cornel Makushinsky.
Address: 3, Stefanyka street, Lviv. Lviv National Art Gallery.

Art Exhibition from the Collection of Count Lyubomirsky Family

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The exhibition was opened on October 5, 2017 and will last until December 17, 2017
For the first time many works from the collection of Count Lyubomirsky family are exhibited at the same time. The restorers of the Gallery gave a new life to many of the exhibited canvases. Numerous portraits of noble people, like profiles in social networks, tell each of their stories. Battle scenes, historical events, mythological scenes, still life ... The exhibition presents a collection of paintings and sculptures from the XVI to XX centuries. One of the largest restored art pieces "Prayer in the Steppe" by Jozef Brant, has never been showcased before. Harmoniousness in the placement of numerous exhibits in space again was achieved thanks to the designer's skill of Sergei Petlyuk.
Address: 3, Stefanyka street, Lviv. Lviv National Art Gallery.

Infanta Margarita in Lviv

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Lviv Potocki Palace invites to attend a unique «Single Painting Exhibition» art event. This time the «single painting» is «Infanta Margarita» by Diego Velasquez, representative of the Spanish Golden Age Madrid school of paining, the leading artist in the court of King Philip IV. The paining belongs to the collection of the Bohdan and Varvara Khanenko Art Museum.
Oksana Kozynkevych, curator of the single painting exhibition at the Lviv National Gallery of Arts, says that the canvas has been bought in 1912 at a Berlin auction sale of Hamburg-based Weber’s collection. The picture was auctioned off after being kept in private collections for a long time. The first documented evidence of the picture appeared in 1827, when it belonged to Spanish artist Vicente Lopez y Portana.
The picture had long been considered to be the portrait of another princess, infanta Mariana Teresa (1638-83), the elder daughter of Philip IV from the first marriage. She later became the queen consort of France, the wife of Louis XIV. It was established as late as in the prewar years that the portrayed girl was the king’s younger daughter, the child of his second wife Mariana of Austria.
“The portrait of the infanta is of a great museum and historical value and it proves a high artistic level of the Spanish Golden Age of painting. It is ascribed to Diego Velazquez, although there are some other assumptions,” Kozynkevych says.
Address: 15, Kopernika street, Lviv. Lviv Potocki Palace . The picture will remain on display until December 27.

Vasyl Prydatko-Dolin Exhibition

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«Artist’s Impressions on Expeditions» is the name of Vasyl Prydatko-Dolin solo art exhibition opened in "Lvivyarnya" Museum Exhibition Complex.
In his works, the painter transmitted to the canvas his personal impressions on numerous expeditions to the Arctic and South American Patagonia.
Works of Vasyl Prydatko-Dolin have already been exhibited in the USA, Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany and Ecuador.
The exhibition will last till 10.12.2017.
Address: 18, Kleparivska street, Lviv. «Lvivyarnya» Museum Exhibition Complex of Lviv Beer Brewery.
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mage source:,, Facebook profiles of Museums mentioned in the article. 

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