Malevich’s Days in Kyiv

Malevich’s Days in Kyiv

Photo: Mystetskyi ArsenalArt project "Malevich+", held within Malvich’s Days in Kyiv, will present Ukrainian avant-garde artists of the Mystetskyi Arsenal collection. 

During the summer, visitors can get acquainted with the unique cultural and artistic phenomenon of Ukrainian avant-garde, particularly to see original works of Kazimir Malevich, whose life and work were inextricably linked to Ukraine. The exhibition "Malevich+" is a tribute to the famous art critic and collector Ihor Dychenko who saw his mission in preserving the legacy of artists, who were pushed to the margins by the Soviet authorities. Organizing exhibitions of works from his collection everywhere around the world (France, Japan, Russia, Germany and Great Britain), Ihor Dychenko gave a Ukrainian accent to the phenomenon known worldwide as the "Russian avant-garde" for the first time.

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Photo: Mystetskyi Arsenal
The cultural field and still requires more information and different discourses that would further explore and represent the theme of Ukrainian avant-garde. The organizators of Malevich’s Days in Kyiv hope that the project "Malevich +" will encourage rethinking of creative heritage of outstanding representatives of Ukrainian avant-garde, which had a decisive influence on the development of world art.

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Photo: Mystetskyi Arsenal
The exhibition and events within Malevich’s Days in Kyiv take place at Mystetskyi Arsenal and will last almost all summer long in Ukrainian capital. Rethink the usual things!
When: June 9, 2016 – 7 August, 2016
Where: Mystetskyi Arsenal

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