Matviy Vaisberg Art Exhibition in Kyiv

Matviy Vaisberg Art Exhibition in Kyiv

Matviy Vaisberg’s exhibition opens at the Master Klas Art Gallery in Kyiv. The “Seven Days” exhibition presents paintings that were created in 1999.  The series of paintings are dedicated to interpretation of the Holy Scripture and the creation of the world.

The art-critics emphasize that Vaisberg, despite the traditions formed by his creative work, comes not as the illustrator of the Old Testament, but as the interpreter of the canonical scenes in this exhibition. And it is not the religious background but the mysticism permeating the Israeli land that the author is interested in. The artist says that the idea to depict every single day of creation was born long ago and turned into the "Seven Days" picturesque cycle "Seven Days" (1999). Matviy Vaisberg highlights "Fifth Day" and "Sixth Day" when, according to the biblical tradition, the living creatures were created in a single cycle. As a result the cycle prolonged for years, even decades, and made dozens of works, depicting fish, birds and animals. Two works, painted back in the '90s on canvas, show a long, historic part of the cycle. The new part of the cycle is made partly on the panels of the old door, in part on round pastry boards for pizza donated to the author by his friends for a variety of artistic needs.
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Vaisberg got his training as an artist at the Taras Shevchenko Republican Secondary School of Arts, later completing his formal education at the department of book graphics at the Kyiv Polygraphic Institute. He has illustrated works by Sholem Aleichem, Eduard Bagritsky, Grigorii Kanovich, Jose Ortega y Gasset (Spanish Sketches), Karl Gustav Jung (Memories, Dreams, Reflections), Soren Kierkegaard (Fear and Trembling), and Fyodor Dostoyevsky (Demons). Since 1989 Vaisberg has taken part in numerous exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad.

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Currently there are more than 50 solo and group exhibitions of Matviy Vaisberg, including those in the National Museum of Ukrainian Art, the Kyiiev Museum of Russian Art, the Museum of Modern Art (Odessa), the Cherkassy Art Museum, the Museum of the Berlin Wall in Berlin, Ukrainian Institute of America in New York, the European House in London. Along with the critic Andrey Mokrousov, Matviy Vaisberg has developed the concept of artistic rear-guard, which is represented in his works. Without realizing himself to belong to religious artist or spirituaspirituall one, Vaisberg constantly refers to the Bbiblical themes. In 2014 he created "The Wall", the iconic conceptual project "The Wall", as a response to social and political developments in Ukraine. "The Wall" was exhibited in Kyiviev, London, some of its elements - in Berlin, New York, Los Angeles,; in the future some exhibitions are assumed to be in other cities of the United States, Italy, Ukraine. In March 2015 "The Wall"the exhibition "The Wall" opened in the Seim of the Republic of Poland in Warsaw.
The exhibition can be viewed at Kyiv Master Klass Creative Space, 57B, Bohdana Khmel'nytskoho street. 
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