Media Art Exhibition in ART TSUM

Media Art Exhibition in ART TSUM

New exhibition space "Art TSUM", located on the 7th floor of the Kyiv Central Department Store TSUM, invites to attend the Ukrainian digital art project "PETLUK | RYABCHENKO | SAI’. It showcases the works of leading Ukrainian media artists - Sergiy Petlyuk, Stepan Ryabchenko and Alexei Sai.

The exhibition was organized by Sky Art Foundation, Business Gallery Ukraine and Central House of Music. Project partner: Ring Ukraine. The exhibition will last until October 15, the entrance is free of charge. The participants of the project are leading Ukrainian digital artists Sergiy Petlyuk, Stepan Ryabchenko and Alexei Sai. Everyone has their own media, stylistics, their own methods and themes. The idea to show their work in an open public space is the desire to draw the public's attention to the evolution of Ukrainian digital art and to support its further development and integration into the global artistic process.

Sergiy Petlyuk consistenlty works with several dimensions - physiology of the human body and physiology of the city; and with rhythmic combination of different scales - emotional and social, individual and communal, isolated and open. Created by means of new media, his artworks - videos and interactive installations – are a continuous investigation of contact between body sensitivity and various life's flows (flow of imagination, memory, information, mediatization, cohabitation, etc.) Exploring intersections of different boundaries and surfaces - personal, psychological, cultural, geographic, economic, etc., the artist tries to open up new aesthetic possibilities and create new visual language to talk about and provoke new social senses and encourage coherence of individual empathy.
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Stepan Ryabchenko came to the contemporary art through the architecture. In his bold and vibrant projects the artist “plays” with the space, transforming it, designs new environment. Means of making digital images are at the same time tools of creation of a virtual world and a subject of reflections on “virtualization” of the existing reality. In his various installations, sculptures and pictures Stepan Ryabchenko tells a large-scale and ambitious story of the virtual reality with its ideas, heroes and mythology.
He is Ukrainian new generation artist, one of the leading figures in digital and new media art. He participates in international projects and Biennales. The focus of his work is on the interaction between the new media and classic visual art tradition, the boundary between the real and the virtual world, and the new nature of art.

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Alexei Sai, is known for his Excel-art. He presented large-scale and hypnotically detailed compositions, exploring contemporary society, corporate culture and clearly reflecting the dominant aesthetics of the environment.

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The exhibition of media art in publicly accessible space is a precedent for Ukraine, which is extremely important. This event at the same time contributes to the destruction of boundaries and the establishment of links between artists and the public, technology, business, art and spectator. In world practice, media art is already firmly established in the public environment in its most diverse forms.
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