‘Megapolis’ Performance in Kiev

‘Megapolis’ Performance in Kiev

Photo: ArtPrichal Officiial Facebook pageOn June 10, 2016 Kiev will host a unique ‘Megapolis’ performance from dance collective ‘Apache Crew’ that will surprise the audience with unexpected moves and improvisations.

‘Megapolis’ is a play about the life of the city and its inhabitants. The audience will be given a moment of life in the city, with the experiences, vanity, joy, loneliness and impulsiveness.
Apache Crew is controlled dance madness, consisting of 30 original dancers-actors, who work with many dance styles. This dance collective is unique for Ukrainian stage: it a combination of improvisation with complex, flexible plastic picture. Each of the performers receives the part in accordance with his demeanor on stage, being fed to the dance and character in life. Stage director and choreographer of the play, Anatoly Sachivko, gathers thousands of patches in one large canvas of metropolis. Noise, urban singles, confusion, couples, city hooligans - much of what is happening on stage – is pure improvisation and depends only on the performers.
Cities differ from each other, and ‘Megapolis’ performance has never been repeated: it differs from city to city. There is always a mystery, even for the artists, how they are going to perform and dance the next time.

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Photo: ArtPrichal Officiial Facebook page
The play is about woman's wisdom and man's dependence. Relationships outside the comfort zones: love and indifference, friendship and strangeness. How difficult to overcome oneself and allow someone to approach to you. How quickly relationship ends in a big city and how often selfishness leads to loneliness. How much we miss because of the large flow of information, how often we do not notice what's under our noses.

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Recognizable morning rituals, faceless transport, bustling street crossings and many other small events, strung on a chaotic urban backbone of dozens of images – this is life in big city, which is truly recreated in ‘Megapolis’ performance.
When: June 10, 2016, 8pm
Where: ArtPrichal (2nd pier Naberezhno-Khreshchatytska str., Kiev)
Price: UAH 200

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