Most Expensive Ukrainian Artist’s Exhibition in Lviv

Most Expensive Ukrainian Artist’s Exhibition in Lviv

Photo: pinterest.comAndrey Sheptytskiy National Museum in Lviv will host the «Museum Collection» exhibition of Ukraine’s top artist, the creator of Ukrainian new wave landscape - Anatoliy Kryvolap. The exhibition is a part of a major artistic «UKRAINE.THE BEST» project.

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The project is the encyclopedia editorial of the most known creative people in Ukraine: artists, musicians, public figures, actors, photographers, writers and directors. As for now, the editorial featured over 123 Ukrainians and famous artist Anatoliy Kryvolap is among them. Yuriy Komel’kov is the founder and editor of the «UKRAINE.THE BEST» editorial. He is also a well-known art collector in Ukraine and head of the Cultprostir hub.
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The large ‘Museum Collection’ painting exhibition consists of more than 60 works, including the ones, kept in private collections, and completely new paintings by Kryvolap. The ‘Museum Collection’ exhibition, to some extent, was possible thanks to collectors and their attempts to merge.
Anatoliy Kryvolap is probably the most famous Ukrainian Painter. Landscapes of Anatoly Kryvolap contain emotional perfectness, the atmosphere completely opposite to the glossy and urban world. Kryvolap’s monochrome pictures possess enormous energy, hot colors, and encrypted secrets. Here one can see the Ukrainian land as warm, fertile, and friendly places.

On June, 28th, 2013 Anatoliy Kryvolap’s work “Horse. Evening” was sold for 186 200$ at London’s Phillips Day auction. This became Kryvolp’s new absolute record. The work was introduced by European art collector who bought it in 2012 at Art Kyiv Contemporary for 80 000$.Initially, the experts have estimated this painting for 76 000 – 106 000$, what was the highest estimate of Ukrainian works during the whole period of participating of Ukrainian art in world’s art-market.
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«Museum Collection» Anatoly Kryvolap’s exhibition will be held at Andrey Sheptytskiy National Museum in Lviv from September 17th until October 17th, 2016.

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