Mykhailo Demtsiu Exhibition in Lviv

Mykhailo Demtsiu Exhibition in Lviv

Exhibition of Mykhailo Demtsiu’s art works will be opened in Zelena Kanapa (Green Sofa) art gallery in Lviv.

Art critics call Mykhailo Demtsiu one of the most famous and the most expensive artists of Ukraine because paintings created by Mykhailo Demtsiu are often exhibited not only in Ukraine, but also in Europe: France, Spain, and Germany.

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Mykhailo Demtsiu’s paintings are unique life stories told in bright colors. He is a traditionally surprising artist. His paintings rich in color literally charge you with positive energy and optimism. Despite the lightness of compositions, Demtsiu’s paintings are traditionally expressive and saturated with powerful dynamics of what is rendered. Most of the colors used by the artist are open and bright.

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Even though many paintings are of a large size they have been painted in ‘a la prima’ style – light manner of painting created in one session. He creates his canvases with the help of thick strokes made by a palette knife, not a brush. Some artists spend months painting something and are unable to reach such effect. Demtsiu does it in only few hours. Some people get the false impression that it is an easy genre. In fact, there are only a few artists who work successfully in this genre.

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As the artist says in numerous interviews, his artistic secret is the inborn love of bright colors. He never uses dark, black, or brown tones. Generally, colors of sorrow in his paintings do not play a major role. Maybe that is the explanation of why many of Demtsiu’s fans believe his paintings have a therapeutic effect.

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At the exhibition in Green Sofa visitors will have a chance to see works which will be presented for the first time as well as those ones that have been created during recent years. There will be many Carpathian, seaside landscapes and portraits in oil as well as large-sized watercolors, the new technique Demtsiu uses for creation of his masterpieces.
The exhibition will be open from August 9 until August 28 at Green Sofa art gallery in Lviv.
Address: 7, Virmenska street, Lviv.

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