New Podil Theatre in Kyiv

New Podil Theatre in Kyiv

Andriyivskyy Descent, a picturesque place for strolls at any time of the day, is famous for its unique atmosphere and personifying historical and cultural glory of Kiyv. Among the tiny buildings of the 19th century, immortalized by renown writer Mykhailo Bulgakov, arose the New Podil Theatre - and was finally accepted into service in September 2017.

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The Podil Theatre, opened way back in 1987, was the first theatre opened on Andriyivskyy Descent in 100 years. The Soviet practice insisted on making theaters out of cinemas or so called «Houses of Culture». Podil Theatre, headed by Vitalyi Malakhov, revolutionized and paved the way for the theaters to be on Podil — for instance, «Koleso» («Wheel»), which emerged a year later.
The repertoire includes over 50 plays, and the theatre troupe is a 15-time nominee of Kyiv Pectoral, the most prestigious theatrical award in Ukraine.
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Taking into consideration the theatre’s impact, it is no wonder that its reconstruction has been the reason of so many debates among locals and architects. The modern minimalist brick-and-black design created by the project’s author Oleh Drozdov, deemed inappropriate on the classical 19th century background of Andriyivskyy Descent. The local group of activists even went so far as not letting the well-renown GogolFest rent the Theatre’s premises for several performances; decision approved by Kyiv’s major.
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Despite numerous bad reviews, the New Theatre lays a hope for making a solid impact on the future of theatrical activity in the capital. Vitalyi Malakhov, head of the Theatre, says that the number of seats has increased, as well as the scene. The classical European scene will enable to receive foreign artists, with appropriate lighting and music. Besides, the street space of the theater will be permanently opened, allowing spectators to chill in the inner courtyard during the intermission, and actors to rehearse moutside.
On the 29th of September, the New Podil Theatre was finally accepted into operation.
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Images sources: Театр на Подолі, Drozdov&Partners Facebook pages and site. All images belong to their rightful authors.

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