Odesa Underground Theater

Odesa Underground Theater

«TEO», unique to Ukraine underground theater, was recently opened in Odesa. «Euphegenia, Apotheosis» (after tragedies by Euripides) directed by Dmytro Kostyumins’ky was the first play to be staged in this theater. This play premier was very successful on GOGOL’ FEST last year. However, the play was fully re-staged to suit the theater’s peculiarities location-wise.

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The director uses the entire space of the underground theater, which is quite different from conventional theaters. He also creates whimsical multi-dimensional visuals with the help of light reflecting on the walls, vaults and arcs.
«TEO» appeared to be an ideal space for «Euphegenia, Apotheosis», as according to the play the action takes place in the temple and «TEO»’s interior is very similar to the temple underground vaults in Delphi.
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The performance is based on ancient texts, but it is completely modern. Nearest show dates are December 8, 9 & 10, 2017. Tickets cost from UAH 300.
The unique underground theater is located on 18, Military Descent, Odesa. Galleries and rooms are carved in descent’s rocky slope in the XIX century by the Italians. At first these premises housed a wine cellar, then a military and food warehouse.
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Image source: TEO Theater Facebook Page. All images belong to their rightful owners. 


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