Olga Yakubovskaya “Water” Project in Nebo Art Gallery

Olga Yakubovskaya “Water” Project in Nebo Art Gallery

October 20 at 19:00 Nebo Art Gallery invites to the opening of "Water" exhibition by Czech artist Olga Yakubovskaya. The project will be presented within the official program of the Year of Japan in Ukraine.  During the opening event the guests can participate in the tea ceremony organized by "MICHI" Center for Oriental Culture.

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The project was exhibited in Japan, Osaka city before. For Kyiv exhibition the artist added paintings to the series of graphic works in ink with the usage of artistic interpretation of traditional Japanese technique.
"We look at the water, hear the sound of the sea, feel the spray on the skin, plunge into the water and it cleanses us, takes away the bad, takes away the past. Oceans treat our souls, rains wash away bad memories, fogs hide and wrap us in their droplets of moisture. Surrounding us everywhere, the water rhythmically rustles in the taps, runs in fast rivers, slowly melts in glaciers and our frosts. Water is everywhere and it is alive. Water is life, and at the same time it is a symbol of destruction and death, "- says the artist.
A series of works by Olga Yakubovskaya was not accidentally presented to the Japanese audience for the first time, in a country where water is given a special place, and the fine arts of Japan are closely connected with natural phenomena. Such artists as Kutsisuika Hokusaya, Hiroshige Ando and Utamaro Kitagawa depict water in its various manifestations of interaction with nature and human. Wave and space are formed by Yan and Yin in their interaction.
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The main plot of the works is a non-objective landscape: the sea and the mountains. Graphic works reflect frozen memories and relationships with nature: spreading ink creates slow rhythms and movements in space. The painting is executed in an expressive manner. Through abstraction, Olga recreates the constant movement of waves and natural phenomena associated with water.
The project "Water" is opened for viewers until November 8 inclusive.
Free admission
Program of the project includes the following supporting events:
21 – 22 October – Book-binding workshop by Olga Yakubovskaya
25 October – Artist Talk by Olga Yakubovskaya
04 October – Charity Auction to support “Kids to Kids” Charity Found. Family event.
Partners of the project:
Embassy of Japan in Ukraine;
Center of Oriental Culture "MICHI";
Charity fund "Kids to Kids".
ADDRESS: Kiev, st. Dragomirova, 14 (Novochephersky Lypky)
TELEPHONE: +38 (044) 596 18 02, (099) 964 73 96
Olga Yakubovskaya was born in 1985. In 2016 she graduated from the Magistracy at the Faculty of Design and Arts Vladislav Sutnar in Plzen. She leads an active exhibition projects. Took part in 23 group exhibitions across Europe, her works were presented in the exposition of the Contemporary Art Contest in San Diego, California, USA. Personal projects were held in the Czech Republic (Prague, Plzen) and Japan (Kyoto, Osaka). Her works are in private and gallery collections in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Czech Republic, Japan, Sweden, France, Germany, Bulgaria, Israel, Canada and the USA. Olga lives and works in the Czech Republic.
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Nebo Art Gallery was founded in Kiev in 2010. The gallery conducts an active exhibition activity and specializes in contemporary art. Gallery collection features works by artists from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Georgia, the Netherlands and America. Over the years, the gallery has become a kind of platform for creating a whole range of autonomous projects, united by a common creative process:
Nebo BookLab Publishing is a publishing house that produces fiction for children and books about art;
Nebo Art School is an educational project that united an art school and lecture hall of various thematic areas (art history, world history, history of literature, cinema, classical music). Also in the gallery there are design bureau, bookshop and baguette workshop.

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