Palimpsest Exhibition of Silk Scarves by Natalia Kolpakova

Palimpsest Exhibition of Silk Scarves by Natalia Kolpakova

New collection of enchanting pieces from Ukrainian designer Natalia Kolpakova will be represented in Kyiv on 15th of March 2018. It is the first full composed silk scarves collection presenting in Ukraine.

During 2017 the exclusive scarves by Natalia Kolpakova already represented her scarves within Fashion Week in Paris. Her expressive prints are popular among fashion designers, and has its admirers among collectors in varied European countries. Natalia is the winner of the Talents designers contest, and her scarves were also represented on “Frankfurt Ambiente” exhibition. And, at last, the collection comes home after European tour. Original and strong author’s style doesn’t leave anyone cold.
The collection of square-shaped silk scarves “Shifter’s palimpsest” consists of silk prints 138X138 sm and is a continuation of the previous graphic "Players" series in which each plot was the author's interpretation of a certain kind of games.
”One warm summer evening in the garden gazebo company amused cooking a dinner over a campfire and playing board games. The light of the full moon, fire and small lamps snatched from the darkness and changed emotions with incredible speed. During the evening 4 types of games were played, but the passion did not cease. So I visualized the first images. After the first painting (Poker) I decided to research the nature of gaming and gambling, as well as to come up with a format of paintings. Rhythm, color and graphic techniques varied from painting to painting and did not depend on the rules of any game. I allowed myself to play with all of this, because I am not fond of any one type of game,” - Natalia comments. Her illustrations and graphics capture and embarrass, sometimes it looks scary, but always keeps the attention of the audience by a powerful magnet of intrigue and mastery. Transformation of reality with the help of a vivid imagination and a good sense of humor is embodied in exquisite silk scarves this time.
When: 13.03.2018 - 27.03.2018
Opening of the exhibition: March 13 at 7:00 p.m.
Where: EDUCATORIUM Cultural laboratory, 8B, Reytarska str.. Kyiv, second floor.
No fee entrance.

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