Pautina Land Art Festival near Odesa

Pautina Land Art Festival near Odesa

On September 23-24, 2017, Pautina (“Spiderweb”) land art festival will be held near Odesa. Land art, also known as Earth art, is an art movement based on usage of real natural landscapes as the main art material and object. During Pautina-2017 festival, 25 Ukrainian artists are going to present their installations created using diverse techniques. The open-air exhibition will take place on the picturesque coast of Kuyalnik estuary only 5 km away from Odesa.

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The festival originated from similarly-named curatorial project of Odesa painter Sergey Likhovid, which was held on Kuyalnik estuary in 2014 and 2015. Pautina started as a personal project of Sergey, but soon 15 other artists joined him and presented their works on so-called “on-water gallery” of the festival. All works were created by weaving on a frame technique. The exposition was arranged in such a way that exhibit objects were reflected in the calm waters of the estuary.
Creating a network (“web”) of like-minded artists who are brave enough to make experiments in public is the main purpose of Pautina. In 2017, Pautina will turn into fully-featured land art festival. The event is supervised by Sergey Likhovid and culture expert Tatiana Zubok, and supported by experimental center of modern art “Chaynaya Fabrika” (“Tea factory”).
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Selection of Pautina-2017 participants was divided into two stages: open call for personal projects and free submittal of applications for group project (weaving of a large 3D cross). Festival organizers received more than 25 applications from different cities of Ukraine and selected 10 of them.
Pautina art installations will be demonstrated with the help of real water, coast, sand and air. The masterpieces will be partly made of diverse recyclable materials such as plastic and rubber. In such a way, artists want to express the idea that each of us can do something to save our planet.
Some events of the festival will be held at evenings, so everyone interested is welcome to stay in a tent camp on Kuyalnik coast and to enjoy vegetarian food from kitchen truck, tasty tea, nice music and great atmosphere.
Supervisors hope that Pautina project will become an integral part of Ukrainian land art tradition.
When: September 23-24, 2017
Where: Kuyalnik estuary
Enter: free
Photo source: Pautina land art festival Facebook page. All photos belong to their rightful owners.

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