Project «Art For…»: An Art Exhibition in Your Office

Project «Art For…»: An Art Exhibition in Your Office

Sky Art Foundation presents a new project called «Art For...». It’s about organizing temporary and permanent exhibitions at the offices of Ukrainian companies. Project’s goal is to popularize Ukrainian art in business circles, as well as the introduction of world practice into Ukrainian realities – decoration of offices with art objects.

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The first company whose office boasts an exhibition of artworks within the new project is R&D Center Ring Ukraine. The exhibition devoted to Ukrainian digital art presents the artworks by Stepan Ryabchenko and Oleksiy Sai. Previously, these pieces were exhibited as part of the Petliuk. Ryabchenko. Sai exhibition, which took place in Kyiv. In addition to the artists listed, the walls of the office were also decorated with indoor work by famous street artists Oleksandr Korban, Andriy Kal’kov and Zakenti Gorobyov.
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“We plan to work with at least 4 offices per year, involving new artists and business representatives. About a year ago, we made a test exhibition at the EVO office, and I'm glad that we were finally able to evolve into a full and regular project," says Julia Ostrovska, director of Sky Art Foundation.
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Image source: Sky Art Foundation

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