‘Refrigerator’ Exhibition in Kiev

‘Refrigerator’ Exhibition in Kiev

The grand opening of Vasyl Bazhay’s ‘Refrigerator’ exhibition will be held on May 12, 2016 at 7pm in the space of the prominent Kiev gallery – Shcherbenko Art Centre.

Beginning from May 12, 2016, Shcherbenko Art Centre presents Vasyl Bazhay’s personal project entitled ‘Refrigerator’, in which famous Ukrainian artist explores the pictorial objects as three-dimensional structures freely placed in the space of the gallery.

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Out of their stretcher canvas paintings, created by the artist through the past twenty years, will transform the space of Shcherbenko Art Centre and create an installation space. Paintings come to another dimension, where they acquire the volume. The crowd, passing between them, unconsciously complements initial essence of the paintings with their own experience and energy. It creates something new all along.
Refrigerator in household use is intended for long-term storage. However, course of cooling fades into the background in this project. Conversely, the artist begins the process of unfreezing, revival. Involved canvases served their purpose for the artist, but enriched with new idea, they are being brought back to life. Some of these paintings were used to decorate interior, some were part of gallery exposition, while others were kept in storage. The readiness to preservation which characterizes the idea of archives inspired Vasyl Bazhay to create this project.
“And then you open them, un-conserve, and they come to the respective new project, obey the ideas in spatial decision. And gradually the idea (project) is attached to the previous semantic meaning obtained by the unarchived works”, – says Vasyl Bazhay.
‘Refrigerator’ exhibition will last in the space of Shcherbenko Art Centre until June 11, 2016.
When: May 12, 2016, 7pm
Where: Shcherbenko Art Centre (22-V Mykhailivska str., Kiev)

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